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New development Me standing up for myself

Sucks that once i did it, i have to keep doing, but on a lesser level - more like making sure i get my boundaries respected early from the beginning and then maintenance as need right? How bout i just dont let anyone get that close that i would need to place boundaries, this sound like the best way, at least right now. I didnt back down last night and it didnt go over well. 16 years together of me being passive and trusting. Then i stand up to lies aaaaaaaaaaaaand... i got put in a head lock and thrown on the ground. Knocked on the side if the head, and then not sure what happened after that.
Now i got to tell him he has to leave and it wont turn out great im pretty sure
morrgin · F
Called the police like 3 hours ago and still waiting
😞Domestic abuse should be dealt with asap by the police, I don’t understand their nonchalant attitude towards this, even if they call you every 20 minutes it still shows human decency.Men should respect women and women should respect men. Simple as that. @morrgin
luckranger71 · 51-55, M
Please reach out to both the police and a women’s shelter for the short term. If he’s already been abusive he’ll likely do it again when you tell him to leave.

Hope you are safe
Notsimilarreally · 31-35, F
It takes alot of strength to stick up for ourselves to men like that. It can be really scary. Good for you
rubyaruba · 18-21, F
You deserve for all your boundaries to be respected! And you deserve to receive the same love that you give! It's crazy cause when you really think about it, you know how people will treat you almost instantly but we tend to ignore it and be trusting and loving. Sometimes, choosing yourself is the more loving option <3
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Sojournersoul · 100+, M
What a pussy to hit a woman. Sorry that happened to you.
Lilnonames · F
Learn to fight beat his ass and throw the piece of shit in jail. No boundaries call the police
morrgin · F
@Lilnonames thats will be the next step after i tell him to leave and he wont so ...police in a moment
Lilnonames · F
@morrgin hope u do, not worth that e scared

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