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My family name is Marusic.

We know our family came to Slovenia across the central European plain with the varied Slavic tribes, and that as Slavs, our peoples had been an additional wave of tribes and peoples from the southern Russian Steppes, which had seen the Celts, Germans, and the countless waves which had pushed back the Roman Empire, and which had had a profound affect on the previous Greek Empire, in the centuries before and after the time of the Birth of Christ, in the Levant lands of Palestine, and Judaea.

My father has a family Bible with a chart of births and deaths drawn up on the fly covers and inset pages, at the front and back of the book. It traces back twenty generations. To go back further into the annals of existence is increasingly difficult these days because of the savage destruction of lots of records during both the Nazi period, and the times of the Austro-Hungarian wars. The internet now and then has surprising entries which spark a new interest in this ancestry research.

Last name: Marusic
SDB Popularity ranking: 24360

Recorded in over fifty spelling surname forms ranging from Marie and Maria to diminutives such as Marielle, Mariete, Maryon, and Marusik, and to metronymics Marians, Mariyushkin and Manyurin, this is a name of both uncertain origin and uncertain meaning. In most cases the name probably derived from the Hebrew 'Maryam', as its main popularity followed the famous Crusades of the 11th and 12th centuries to free the Holy Land from the Muslims. The returning knights and warriors often gave their children names associated with the bible, in commemoration of their 'visit', even though all the expeditions were ultimately unsuccessful. The meaning of Maryam is uncertain, but may have been 'wished for', as in a child. There is also a possibility that the name in some cases at least, is of Roman origin and a form of 'Marius', the meaning of which is also uncertain, but may have a relationship to Mars, the god of war. This gives the name at least two of the most contradictory meanings it is possible to get! Whilst the Roman Catholic church never had any doubt about the truth of Mary being the mother of Jesus, other Christians were less certain, and this was reflected in the spread of the surname. It is quite rare in Protestant countries, reflecting a period around the time of the surname creation, roughly the 12th to the 15th centuries, when the baptismal name was unpopular in some countries. Also being a metronymic, which is to say that the name descended from the mother not the father, has naturally, if unfairly perhaps, reduced the popularity. The first known recording of the name in any spelling anywhere in the world is believed to be that of William Marysone, who in the year 1298 was recorded in the Court Rolls of the city of London, England.
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