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if i ever have kids, i'm gonna dedicate my life to making theirs miserable within the confines of the law.

They're gonna have the same meals every day. For breakfast, they get a bowl of oatmeal and some water. For lunch, they get beans, vegetables, and water -- no spices. For dinner, they'll have applesauce with protein powder and a cup of water. There will be no snacks at any point. Every part of the property will be openly monitored with cameras except for the bathrooms in order to enforce a strict policy prohibiting masturbation, swearing, singing, poetry, playing, speaking in an outdoor voice, yelling, dissenting with me in any way, eating non-approved food, sleeping outside of the bedroom, or using any substances.

The one acre property will be surrounded by 20 foot walls on all sides, with a gate for which only I have the key. My chillins will only be allowed to leave for medical appointments, legally-necessary meetings, and helping me run errands. I will homeschool my kids in order to prevent them from recieving outside interaction and camradarie. They will share one slow PC that's not connected to the Internet and a small library of informational books for schoolwork.

Punishments for non-compliance include:
-being locked in one's room for at least one day
-confiscation of various pieces of bedding for at least one night
-meal served as a nutriloaf
-having heavy weighted shoes forcibly applied to the feet
-vinegar in drinking water
-losing access to hot water (I'll have a biometric scanner for that)
-kitty litter applied to bedroom floor
-loss of control of bedroom light (light is always on)
-clothing treated with cat Liquid Ass

My children will also be expected to do all of the chores within the house, usually with inadequate supplies. And there'll also be a couple of tasks that just objectively don't need done that I'll make them do anyway, such as watering the driveway and taping/de-taping the dishes.

Upon turning 18, they will be promptly kicked out of the house and disallowed from returning.
Randie · 56-60, T
That's pretty fucked up! Hope you never have kids!
BlueVeins · 18-21, M
[@1120561,Randie] I'll make sure to stay outta Texas 😌
Zeurosis · 22-25, F
Uh okay Mr. Turpin
BlueVeins · 18-21, M
[@3810,Zeurosis] hey, what they did was illegal so it's super different
Zeurosis · 22-25, F
[@4199,BlueVeins] CPS has taken people’s kids away for a lot less than what you describe lol
BlueVeins · 18-21, M
[@3810,Zeurosis] yeahhhh but it's the [i]type[/i] of cruelty
JustcallmeNameless · 31-35, F
I hope you never have kids
BlueVeins · 18-21, M
[@585989,JustcallmeNameless] lmao me too

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