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I once swallowed a yeast infection

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I was in my late 20s and seeing two women concurrently. I'd already had sex with the other girlfriend that morning. Now I was in the apartment of Woman #2, on her bed, spreading her legs...I pushed my head forward...and noticed this white gob of goo dangling from one side of her labia.
I suppose other guys would be like, fuck this, I'm out. I suppose I would have done the same if I wasn't such as sex maniac at the time. But I just hesitated for a second. Decided to go for it. I moved in with my tongue and licked her up and down, lapping that shit up.
Later on, fucked her against her wall. Hard.
Did not spend the night.
My throat felt sore the next morning and my neck was stiff. Might have been some nausea, too. Yes, I made the connection.
If this isn't kinky, I don't know what is.
ineedadrink · 51-55, M

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