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I Believe Life Is a Life Long Lesson

The Roman Emperor Nero was in an abusive family and grew up to be a monster and set Rome on fire to serve imperial interests and then turned on the Christians when he started getting the proper flack.

Then J. Bolsonaro was made ruler of Brazil and Trump of the USA, the Amazon burned to serve corporate interests and Trump decided to attack all people of conscience the minute they spoke up about any atrocities against anyone or the earth.

Trump was from an abusive family too and I'll just bet so is that pyromaniac from Brazil

Abrienda · 26-30, F
You are absolutely insane and know as much about history of Rome, Trump's family life and the YEARLY fires in the Amazon (like the wild fires in California) as a cockroach knows about Sunday.

Nothing personal.
@Abrienda okay...

whatever, ma'am.

Also I felt terrible when I heard stories of old ladies trying desperately to take care of their bombed out apartments during the Russian siege in the nineties... Wikipedia quotes one source as indicating that at least 60,000 Chechens were killed in the First and Second Chechen War in the 1990s and 2000s alone.

I heard stories on WBAI about old ladies holding out but seeing their pet cats taken for food, and I cried.

I live to learn. Get mad if u want, anything goes here.

Oh and TY for your warm welcome to me.


Update: I flagged her 4 other revolting inflammatory posts and she blocked me and I say GOOD RIDDANCE.
Fernie · F
@Abrienda Oh! You must be the new troll! Lemme just go in there and block you're silly ass
Montanaman · M
It happens more often than not.
Victims of abuse become abusers, or disassociate themselves from other victims, bonding more with their abuser.(Helsinki Syndrome)

Don't know if this is Trump's issue, his ego is that of a tyrant. "Look how great I am!"

Please. It'd be great if he just kept his mouth shut and put our country above himself.
And I voted for him 🙄😔😂
Crazy, I know. 🤪
@Montanaman I'd vote 4 you WAY before that vile lady who acted like that filthy orange monster is her personal savior.
Abuse is a sad and vicious cycle

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