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I Wish EP Would Edit Misspelled Groups

There are so many misspelled groups on here and loads of groups that say the same thing. It would be good if EP could edit the titles of groups that are misspelled and combine groups that are similar (or the same because so many are misspelled).
I may click to 'send' before I spell check my comments. It is so embarrassing. It's difficult enough that I was daily messaged sexual questions and sent pictures of body parts that I had to close my IM.
I am not a prude. Yes I am 64 and have just rediscovered my body. I am daily cussed at in my IM for not sending nude selfies.
Therefore I have removed (unchecked) my IM so nobody can message me. Or if they have, I am not able to view.
I am still seeking other forums.
I was going to list some of the better ones I have found, however I don't want to feel this mental rape I have felt in E.P.
InvisibleGirl · 18-21, F
No. I'm talking about groups that OTHER PEOPLE create and they have ATROCIOUS spelling. I'm also not talking about comments or general posts which can be edited. I'm talking about the name of groups which CAN'T be edited once they are created (which is a good thing because you could have people changing 'I love cats' to 'I am a murderer.' ALSO, I don't use my computer for EP. I use the mobile app which restricts things you can do like deleting comments.
Chill! You are not making yourself clear. Only the ORIGINAL POSTER can change their own post. You want to change a title? Then create a new post.
InvisibleGirl · 18-21, F
I'm being very clear! You're just stupid! Exactly! 'Just create another post'...that gets right back what I said about there being multiples groups that mean the same thing and should be combined. In case you didn't notice, the title of my post is about EP editing misspelled groups...not the spelling in people's posts.
Good suggestion. But I'm sure nobody is listening.
Yeah I really wish they would fix that

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