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I Think Splash Needs To Finish Building The Teleport Machine

Yes, Splash does need to finish building the teleport! I've been waiting for literally AGES and it still isn't finished! All I want is for the teleport to be finished so that I can teleport all over the place. I have so many places I want to visit but I can't because I do not have a teleport. I need to deliver some Christmas cookies to Mick, locate Ellie and make sure she's still alive, build a snowman in Canada with Cassie and of course visit Splash in Somerset! Grrrr to people who don't build teleports like they are meant to!
Ugh! So harsh! I told you ... I'm STILL waiting for parts (to be invented).
well i was taking back to the old days, where there were public floggings, CP etc
Waiting for the parts TO BE INVENTED...I don't think he can really do much until that happens, I think Hannah understands.
InvisibleGirl · 18-21, F
Thank you! I've been practicing! :) I've also been practicing my glare, sarcasm, angry face, 'webber', cheeky remarks and all other typical annoying teenage responses!
He has been a bit slow about building that hasn't he? I think it will be worth the wait once it's finished though. :)
InvisibleGirl · 18-21, F
UGH! He has!!! You're right though! It's worth the wait! I will (try) to be more patient...*eats a bottle of impatience pills* ... WHERE'S MY TELEPORT?!? Hehehe!

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