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I Want To Masturbate In Front Of Large Audience Or Group Such

If The Impossible Was Possible.... I know having a desire or a fantasy of masturbating in front of a large group or an audience isn't common to most people and even if someone has that desire or fantasy they're probably not willing to admit it. Since I began masturbating, the risk of being seen or watched while doing it always interested me, especially in front of strangers. Once I was actually seen for the first time I found out it was even better I'd imagined it could be. I never gave much thought to what it'd be like in front of a large group until one day when someone told me about a website where adult and erotic stories were posted. One story was about and alternate reality where minor crimes were punished by issuing what was called a N.E.W.D.D. or Notice of Exemption from Wearing Decent Dress. For six months or more depending on the sentence, the one it was issued to was forbidden from wearing clothing and was still expected to continue their daily routines as close to usual as possible. They also had to perform community service for a certain amount of hours each week just to be sure they couldn't hide and wait out their sentence. If caught wearing clothes or not showing up for community service, they'd be given one warning. The second time they were held until the weekend and taken to a park or open public area where a long raised platform was built. On the platform there were metal hasps installed every few feet that an offender would be chained by the ankle to. They'd be brought up onto the platform naked and after being chained in place, the ones in charge would wait until they felt the crowd was as large as it was going to get and then the offenders would be ordered to begin masturbating, men and women alike. Failure to do so meant being brought back every weekend until doing what was required. Although the story never accounted for bad or cold weather and had many other problems even for an alternate reality story, I couldn't help imagining being up on that platform and being required to masturbate in front of a crowd who was there purely for the purpose of watching. I knew if such a thing could be true, that I'd find the most harmless offenses that would cause me to get that sentence, commit them endlessly, and never once show up for community service the day before the weekly public event would take place.
I like all your summer them get me so horny

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