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I took Daisy to my uncle's house so that she could meet the puppy

And look how she just lays on people's couches like as if she owns it 馃檮 but anyways, im proud of her for not trying to eat the puppy. They get along so well

She's such a good mom 馃ズ
TurtlePink22-25, F
@NerdyPotato hmmmmm, that got me thinking. If we adopt this puppy, should she be his mom or be his older sister? I kept telling her its her new baby brother but itd be so cute if i tell people that this is her son 馃ズ
@TurtlePink she can be his older sister as well. She may be even better with the occasional banter.
brian2971546-50, M
That鈥檚 adorable

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