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A lesson learned

I was five years old the first time that I experienced it.

There was a group of us in Mrs. Graysons kindergarten class who one day decided to play a game of truth or dare.

As a child, I struggled socially with children my own age.

I never quite knew what to do, what to say, or just basically how to interact with them.

Now, when it came to adults, I knew to be quiet and respectful, speaking only when spoken to, as I had been trained by my mother. but, because my mother kept me so isolated I had no training in how to socialize with children my own age.

Because of this, I would observe, and take my social cues from the other children.

Anyway, we're playing truth or dare and I noticed that all of the children were choosing "dare."

When it's my turn I select "dare" too. My "dare" was to moon the class.

So, I pulled down my corduroys and I mooned the class. At the time, Mrs. Grayson's back was to the class which prevented her from seeing me complete my dare. But, my classmate Diana, who also happened to be the person who dared me, made sure to fill her in on what she missed.

I felt the sting of betrayal for many years, and wondered as to why she would dare me to do something, and then tell on me.
GeniUs · 56-60, M
Just like the guys who say 'snitches get stitches' when it's in their interest nothing gets in the way of them telling a tale. Mine is the same story but I was messing around in the dinner hall the bad kids got called in to see the headmaster, I knew I was safe I had barely done anything and these guys wouldn't grass on me...(they did to deflect from their behaviour).
Teslin · M
You can't trust anyone, unfortunately.
She was probably jealous that you actually had the nerve to go through with mooning the class.
@Teslin [c=800055]Exactly ! [/c]
No surpise. It's one of the reasons I've never played Truth or Dare. Early in life, I witnessed what happens to those who dare....

As far as the betrayal goes, treacherous false friendship behavior starts in kindergarten and only gets worse from there. They smile and smile to your face, even tell you they love you to win your confidence, but they're really spies, sniffing around for the least bit of "dirt" to share behind your back.
Justice4All · 36-40, M
Being isolated isn't so bad. Being like everyone else is worse. I bet you learned a valuable lesson, not to trust people.
Was it also the sting on your bottom to
Bluemouse · 41-45, F
@nevergiveup Funny that you should mention this. Mrs. Grayson could hardly wait to tell my mother when she came to pick me up that day. My mother beat me all the way home, and then when we got home she told me to remove my pants and moon her, and she beat me some more. I remember wincing whenever I had to sit down for a least a week.
@valobasa4ever .. and some don't wait that long ..
Back in my day Diana would have been tag teamed by the other girls at recess for setting you up then snitching.

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