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I memorized this whole song in 3rd or 4th grade then I'd rap it on the bus for my friends 馃槀

I never said it was my own song but I definitely let them think it was 馃ぃ they'd hype me up & everything.

Crazy how one of the first songs I memorized as a kid was sooo hood 馃槄馃槄 even for today's times lol

fun on the school bus, hahaaha. keepin' everybody entertained 馃榿

i used to sing random lyrics to my brother when we were teenagers, and i'd change the lyrics just enough to make it apply to him or someone we knew. he'd always fall for it. he'd be like, yo... you really need to write that shit down. i think you could sell it or something. lol
@penti lmao damn I miss those days 馃槄 I didn't rap with the family but me & the homies used to hang out at the parks & we'd all just freestyle battle each other it was sooo hilarious but I can't remember a single line 馃槀 except for one dude who said "y'all n***** just switch sides, my n my n***** be dick ridin"
I just remember that because he said it on accident & I laughed so hard at that 馃ぃ馃ぃ
@ChiefWalksWith40oz 馃ぃ you got me bustin' a gut, yo... ohmyfuck 馃槀

well, i can't say it was really a family thing. no supervision on site, most of the time i was growin' up. it was mostly just a bunch of friends after school. on the weekends we were out of tha house as much as possible
@penti that sounds fun 馃槍 those were the good ol days. I miss the days when kids would spend as much time outside as they could. I was always running around the neighborhood with my friends 馃槀 kids don't do that anymore
PoeticPlay51-55, M
Love Brotha Lynch!
Me and my brother are sitting here smoking and singing along. He even stopped the show that he was watching as soon as I crancked the volume. 馃槑
PoeticPlay51-55, M
My brother and I are cracking up right now because he changed the lyrics to this very song one day while we were fishing in Pioneer Park. 馃槅
I have to go back to the park and take a picture so that it will make sense when I share the lyrics that he made.
You'll know when it hits your mail box.

My brother can mess up or improve any of your favorite tunes! 馃ぃ
I'm Pancho the ice cream man
I roll in a chitty van
I makes me my skrilla
By slangin vanilla
I'm Pancho the ice cream man
(Sung to the tune of Popeye the sailor man)

All because that was the song playing when our neighborhood ice cream man rolled passed our cul da sac.
This was in 2009. 馃槅
@PoeticPlay lol sometimes it just comes to you 馃槄 sounds like he had a knack for that lol that's awesome
nightjourney31-35, F
I love thesr songgss馃挮馃挮
@nightjourney really? 馃槷 I would never have guessed lol
nightjourney31-35, F
@ChiefWalksWith40oz my ultimate fav song[media=]

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