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Do you let people hurt you?

Do you stand up for yourself?

Do you walk away of your partner makes you sad?

Do you let people know when what they say about you is wrong?

Do you recognise sociopaths or narcissists and continue to nurture your relationship?

I would like to know how you react to unpleasant situations or people. Be honest please.

My answer: I always speak my mind and tell people the truth, even if it's not what they want to hear. I always stand up for myself :). Sometimes it's hard to walk away from people who hurt me though, maybe it's just my past.
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ClanNaFiacaillApWythe · 51-55, M
One of the purposes of schooling is to get people to accept folks hurting them without defending themselves. Note that one has the option of being expelled, being imprisoned, being subjected to psychiatric confinement, and kicked out of one's home for defying the combination of abusers at schools.
Montanaman · M
I'm a sponge. I absorb the pain and hurt, until I'm full of it.
Then I wring myself out and I'm good as new.🤗💞🤗
ClanNaFiacaillApWythe · 51-55, M
Being made sad is no big deal. I generally don't stand up that much. Note that one can get expelled, fired, evicted, arrested, incarcerated, ostracized etc for all that.
330GTC · 56-60, M
Sure I allow people to hurt me, it just gives me a good indication of what kind of person they are plus it doesn't bother me because it doesn't actually hurt me.
I'm fairly good about walking away, but sometimes narcissists sneak up on you.
xixgun · M
I used to, then I realized that being nice didn't mean I had to take shit from the planet
I’ll sometimes speak my mind, IF given the chance. And I’ll sometimes just walk away
curiosi · 61-69, F
Silence is a response and it is a powerful one.
Wiseacre · F
Yes and no
Yes and no

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