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What's all this about Trump expecting to be arrested this coming Tuesday?

He calling for massive protests and hinting that efforts be made to disrupt all transportation. He's implying he can't help America unless you help him hurt it (again).
BackyardShaman · 61-69, M
He made this up, he announced the date, it may be that nothing is planned by the authorities concerning him on Tuesday.
StrictSouthernHOH · 46-50, M
He was the best president in America's history. Democrats are terrified that he could be elected again, so they will do anything to stop him. The statute of limitations on his alleged crimes has expired, so there is nothing to see here. Democrats would be better off trying to help American's instead of wasting time on Trump.
Emjay · 18-21, F
@StrictSouthernHOH Trump claims to have been the best president of all time. The truth is that he's currently tied for third worst and is expected to drop to second worst at the next ranking by political historians.
StrictSouthernHOH · 46-50, M
@Emjay Who composed that list? On what criteria was each president ranked? Obviously not the economy, border control, crime or anything else that matters most to the majority of Americans. He excelled in all of those areas.
Emjay · 18-21, F
@StrictSouthernHOH Do you think it wise that everyone should be distrusted except the guy with a long history of lying to and cheating others?
Pretzel · 61-69, M
I keep waiting for the men in the white coats
Dlrannie · 31-35, F
As he wasn’t arrested this week it’s another one of his many lies 😂😂
TxOutlawTyler · 16-17, M
He won’t be
"I'm calling for riots next week, but I totally didn't incite a riot on January 6, that's FAKE NEWS, but all the rioters were real Patriots, such a beautiful riot, actually I'm selling these tremendous t-shirts with pictures from the beautiful riot, all proceeds go to the rioters, honest, I would never steal from anyone, anyone who shows evidence that I have before is SAD, Democrats just treat me so badly, it's so unfair, the most unfairerest ...."
Emjay · 18-21, F
@BreadAndCircuses Half-price NFT of ME, the greatest president ever for anyone bashing a dem on the head

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