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The New Countdown to July 3, 2023 (188)

The next time will be a biggie, so in 2 stages, the 1st long, the debt resolution all wrapping up by May, (2) then part of May, June and July will join forces for a 2,000 budget for my fledgling library.

The ongoing Mastricht and Owen series better have some newbies out by July 3rd

The whole Perkins set

Ludolph of Saxony

and others added to here later if i feel like it. The whole point for me however is not to be counting down the days, but to be lost in a cloud of bliss with what i already have, glancing as i do at a near 200 days with just what i have gives me a soft fluffy feeling, i say tenderly to them all, you are enough. Below will be a list of the progression with percentages. Maybe you'd like to read more too in the new year, i encourage you to do so, reading is in the top 3 things a person can do alone, top 2 if you ask me right up there with sleeping. To avoid controversy with terms and whatnot, i'll just have the authors or sources last name followed with the current percentage point. To reading, woohoo!!!🥳

Brakel - 9%
Beeke (1) - 6%
Boyce - 2%
Vos (1) - 2%
Ames - 10%
Sebald - 9%
Owen - 3%
St. Teresa - 1%
A. Murray - 1%
Sibbes - 3%
Turretin (1) - 17%
Kierkegaard (1) - 6%
Augustine - 1%
Ambrose - 1%
Irenaeus - 2%

physical books

Fathers and Crows - 14/990
La Rochefoucauld - 87/286

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