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Happy July 4th America

Being from up north i always saw USA as just being the big brother, the one that's cooler than i'll ever be. There is much to be proud of being American, you just have to look a little into the past, what a rich legacy there is there, from Lincoln, civil rights, the music scene specifically from Elvis to Tori Amos, and the films of such greats as Scorsese, and the year 1939. I thank you USA for half time shows which are like big budget mini spectacular concerts too. You do it big time, go big or go home kind of thing, and i hope (i don't pray) and wish for a peaceful and happy future. Love Jarfff
bookerdana · M
!939🤔 We didn't invent that
Jarffff · 46-50
@bookerdana But it was such a sweeping epic, the way the title in those big letters swept across the screen to the music, had me on board, and what's her name Vivien Leigh, i could watch her for hours, which is probably why i only have seen one other film of hers, the Tennessee Williams movie.
bookerdana · M
@Jarffff Help me with my shoulder ya galoot🤨 This channel is good but long winded

Jarffff · 46-50
@bookerdana Looks like a good deep dive into it, when i read the play a few months ago i was impressed all over again, what a guy that TW was, and the movie as well is i might be wrong such a cornerstone for many a alternative lifestyle sort.
Why, thank you. You hope. I’ll hope and pray. Love right back atcha.
Jarffff · 46-50
@Mamapolo2016 ty my good friend HUGS

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