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Enlightening video on how the climate scam is going to bankrupt everybody but the global elite?

All The Facts You Need To Debunk 'Climate Change' Scammers (Video)


Interesting video above, especially for my Canadian friends to watch.

These leftist technocrats are destroying every human beings ability to live, survive and feed their families.

Climate kooks and medical tyrants are destroying humanity, if people don't wake up soon it will be too late to reverse this demonic agenda.

People need to wake up before these green energy fanatics create poverty all over the world!
Interesting article about the Vostok ice core analysis. Climatards like to point to the ice core samples as they show lower levels of CO2 concentration than in the atmosphere today. The concentration of CO2 captured in the ice does not necessarily represent what was in the atmosphere at the time, but that's what they want you to believe.

The story they [b]won't[/b] tell is what the ice core tells us about the correlation between CO2 and the temperature. We all know the narrative...CO2 causes global warming. But the ice core shows us the opposite. There is 400,000 years of data showing the the rise in atmospheric CO2 almost always [b][i]lags[/i][/b] the rise in temps. Atmospheric CO2 is not causing global warming. Globlal warming is causing a rise in atmospheric CO2.

The narrative is an easy sell, because the correlation is a very close.
Fairydust · F
Everything they push is a scam. Lies everywhere, living in the Truman show. 📺

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