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I Think Smart Is Sexy

I think smart guys are sexy, and I think it's sexy to be smart.
TrulyDiscover8241-45, F
Yeah I definitely agree with you there girl, intellectual men are the sexiest kind.
I actually find myself loosing interest in someone that's ignorant or have nothing mentally stimulating to say.
Looks are one thing, but if you have the mind to match there is nothing more attractive 馃槑
Time to get Maxwell!
Remind me to tell you sometime about my alternate theory of relativity. It's fascinating.
laotzu9261-69, M
Very true; and good manners make a winning combination.
RebeccaSJ46-50, F
@laotzu92: And my guy really knows how to cherish a woman.
laotzu9261-69, M
Very good to hear.
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MrChristian56-60, M
As opposed to smartarses right?馃榾
bhatjc46-50, M
thank you miss rebecca

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