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I Remember Physical Education In Vest And Pants [I Hated Physical Education Class]

I forgot my PE kit at age 11. The panties I was wearing that day were old and too small for me. I remember looking down at my panties and realizing that a few of my pubic hairs were sticking out. I hoped that the boys in the class didn’t notice, but something tells me they did.
Rhodesianman · 56-60, M
Your lucky a girl at my junior school was made to do it nude she didn't forget again it happened to a few boys .At high school we were all made to do it nude if it was team games one team was given a sash to wear .
harveyrider · 56-60, M
I’m sure you never forgot again
GentleLucille · 26-30, F
Poor girl 😬 I always seemed to be wearing my oldest and most worn underwear when I forgot my PE kit and had to run around in my pants. Were you wearing anything else in that lesson?
Excuse me you did a class in your panties if my child had to do that id sue the school
tiggerandariel13 · 41-45, MVIP
i guess you was embarrassed
ArtieKat · M
How humiliating!

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