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I feel like the education system fails every day.

I love how they are always telling us that school is a place where you should be comfortable, happy etc. Yeah I can say, most of us students don't really feel that way. Yes there are some teachers and classes I look forward to, or being in them doesn't suck that much but overall it's really nothing. I feel like the education system fails over and over again. It fails the students. I see so many people my age (me included) that are just surving and hoping they will make it to the end. It's just sad. I know that education is very important, but can't they see that they are slowly killing us ? Is really being a good student more important then being happy and to feel good about yourself?
StevetheSleeve · 31-35, M
I think it is the obligation of the teaching profession to do everything they can to engage students and make them feel valued in class. Too many teachers gravitate to the better students at the expense of students who need the attention. It’s easier that way and does a disservice to too many children.
Busybee333 · 26-30, F
Education does not start at school. Education starts in your heart. You have to want to learn something, be curious about its truth, and then education begins. What you get in school is training to become a good worker on the job - meeting requirements, deadlines, listening to your boss etc. The biggest education happens in you when you actively seek to find the benefit in anything you study and go one step further to not only study it, but comprehend it. That is regardless of whether your teacher is good or bad at their subject.... you just dive in with the motivation to understand this better and possibly convey a clearer information about it to your peers who may be struggling too... that is what helped me study... understanding it deeply helped me memorize better and also helping my schoolmates jump over by showing them details they might have missed... that made the difference. I became more responsible. If you become more responsible and cultivate your curiosity.. you are not training to be a good worker but a great leader as well. The world needs more of those. You can succeed - it is just like climbing a mountain. At the first your muscles disagree but there is a breaking point after which your body follows your will and even assists you in getting to the top. It is the same with your mind while studying. Find the benefit in every situation and you will no longer feel that bad.. if there is a con, there is a pro... deal with the cons but see and enjoy the pros :)
plungesponge · 36-40, M
It succeeds in churning out a serf class that is barely able to see the 1% robbing them blind through crony capitalism and inflation. Oh and they also get to control the school curriculum, surprise surprise, while their offspring buy their way into top tier schools that actually teach the basics
eventtemple123 · 18-21, M
It was designed to create factory workers in the industrial revolution, with a few minor modifications over time. It was never designed to educate, it was designed to create obedient, mindless souls who buy every newest iPhone without any second thought. Also, from my experience, I felt like most teachers did not care about education, they just love the feeling of people obeying their every command.
otipec · 16-17
RileyDay1993 · 26-30, M
Wanna hear a joke?
A six year old sex abuse victim and danger to the family kitten walks into a school stays for 13 years. While there Develops a blind masturbation habit and hurts 5 more animals while his community leaves him to capitalize and abuse lucifers paradise laughing at the kid. Sacrificing him to his scars.

What does he do?

7 years later, learns on his own and nobody needs him anymore. HATE America.
Its a cult and youll find laughter at these situations all throughout hollywood.
The government dances around solving this issue for more. Like BaNNiNg AssAUlt RifLes
It's not failing to provide the economy with willing wage workers. That's not compatible with actual education. Sorry.
You win.

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