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My little brother is learning about friction right now

And just wrote an ENTIRE report about how soap can't actually clean things because it just makes it slippery so actually you're losing friction and not rubbing the stuff away. My mom's definitely going to assign him an essay talking about how soap works 馃槀 poor kid. The struggles of being homeschooled is your mom can change the curriculum if she wants... And spontaneously assign essays about how soap cleans things.
ozgirl51226-30, F
I think you need to explain about dissolving grease lol
Soap is interesting and it works very differently from detergents!

I get into arguments about soap. I totally oppose its use for cursing or other forms of unacceptable speech. The project about soap could be really educational since types of way dirt can be carried away are so different. And, studying soap, I hope, would discourage any so-called "educational" uses of it for washing out a young person's mouth to promote cleaner speech.
Duh. Do you not know how friction works???馃憖

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