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educated, active, employed, married, love sex.
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Yeranouhi: Has the world tired and desensitized about Ukraine...
I hope not, history teaches about complacency.
1 yr ago
musafir: Will you be my friend? [I Question]
Of course, never be lonely 😀😺
1 yr ago
edmdancer2000: Why do parents feel the urge to have to tell...
@meggie It was the same for my wife, strict devout...
1 yr ago
antonioioio: near thes easide
So are we, never tire of the views.
1 yr ago
kimber14: I Was Molested - and I Never Told
That is sad. You must seek help and prevent it...
1 yr ago
Djac17: I just want some MILF and cookies
This one do you?
1 yr ago
WintaTheAngle: It’s reached my attention that there are British a...
We have much to thank them for. Love the way they...
2 yrs ago