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just a lil rant/vent ish

tw foul language um and simple lil vent

i fucking hate school like uGh girly pop i wonna burn the place to the ground ik many ppl say that and its just another classic oo i dont get to do this or i havta do that but im just ranting so yeah my school has this new stupid rule where backpacks arent allowed and i dont rlly like that bc of how far my locker is from all my classes but i do my best to handle it i bring a bag to school and yada yada and its all good until the end of the day istfg i wonna exPLODE. my last class is ‘upstairs’ and my locker is ‘downstairs’ and they are super far apart and im not allowed to go early to my locker and i havta wait till we get an announcement for busses yada yada so when the announcement goes off or wtvr i go as fast as i can which isnt so fast and grab my bag and shove everything in it i look around to see if im the only one and im not so i go yip yip yip so i go upstairs and no ones there im on the actual verge of suffering TEARS- i have to walk two long hallways to get to the busses to i go and theres this group of teachers and one mf istg i want to grr she goes “your holding up 700 ppl” and in my mind i say ik im sorry lordy lord all calm untIL THIS OTHER BITCH GOES “ah yes ty for not speeding up” i wanted to burst into tears and fucking punch the hell outta her i literally hate school i wish i could stay home i dont even have any of my friends in my classes and everyone who are in my classes fucking make fun of me or ignore me are get on my nervy berve neeve (that probably wasnt nessessary but again its a rant) anyways im gonna kick this lady if she says anything again tmr /nsrs but maybe you never know nod nod

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