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I Hate Political Correctness

PC for a few words...

Disabled = special needs
Avid fear = phobia
Pedo = Hebephilia (ugh)!!
Cyber bully = troll
Anger = anxiety (more ugh) I mean there a difference between the two!
TheJudgerNautSquared · 41-45, M
I do and I don't. The term Pc was originally applied at the state and federal level so that people aren't offended by their own government. I do hate when people try and dictate what words you can and cannot use though. The anti-PC movement is much worse in my opinion however because it's fighting social fascism with more ignorant fascism. The anti-PC movement is a highly exaggerated overreaction to folks being offended by other people's words. It's all bullshit if you ask me. The people trying to censor others and the people trying to censor the ones doing the censoring. The whole argument is just one ridiculous side versus the other more ridiculous side. It's sad to see that so many people fall in line with these cult like dichotomies as we regress further and further into modern day tribalism.
greenmountaingal · 70-79, F
People used to call me a "loser." Now...I am "winning impaired."
acpguy · C
@greenmountaingal I have to remember that. Really a good one. 😁
Ynotisay · M
Why didn't you old school then dude?
Disabled = Retard
Avid fear = Gutless pussy
Come on man. Ya' gotta' FIGHT for your right to be a dick to people.
Sazzio · 31-35, M

Gay = sick minded
Obese = fat mofo
On welfare = lazy twat

Love it already!
Ynotisay · M
@Sazzio Good for you. Only thing is, we now know you're a poor, fat guy struggling with gay desires. Your call I guess.
Sazzio · 31-35, M
No am not :(@Ynotisay
acpguy · C
I agree I am old enough to remember when "Retard" was an accepted description of mentally impaired folks. What a bunch of touchy - feely shit.

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