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I Love Graphic Design

Although I like the message of my profile picture, it lacks a bit of color. I'm looking for one great picture so I never have to change it again. Who can help me find/make a profile picture that looks nice and reflects my personality?

A few pointers:
- I love technical stuff, and software in particular.
- I love to organize things. (You could even say I have OCD tendencies.)
- I try to be professional, yet approachable.
- The picture may not be copyrighted.
Gentle153 · 36-40, MMod
Google has search tools to filter results by usage rights and also searching for similar images may help. If you find an identical image on a website with a copyright statement in the footer, that's a good hint. But it can indeed be difficult. The safest way is to find someone to make something custom and give me permission to use it. We'll see what responses I get. :)
JustNik · 51-55, F
Well I wanted to help. Even found some cool pictures. But I don't know how to tell if something is copyrighted and realized what I think looks neat is probably dull as dirt to someone who does. LOL Hope you find something you're happy with though! :)
Carissimi · 70-79, F
Dear Gentle,

I'm still having trouble trying to choose a profile pic for myself. The flowers are just a place holder. I doubt I can be of help to you.

May you find what suits you best. 🙂
Gentle153 · 36-40, MMod
Thank you Saffie! That is totally me on SW! I'll give it a few more days to give everyone a fair chance, but I'll definitely consider your entry.
Oh thanks 🙂, I told unicorn about the competition, there is another who I want to, I'm just not sure how to say it...I'm getting worded up!

Or maybe this one, I can't decide what my entry is... I'll go with this one, I like it cause the QR is Gentle153
Gentle153 · 36-40, MMod
I finally decided on one. Here is a bigger version:

[image deleted]
LOve that pic Gentle

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