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I can't simply save an image file as an icon (.ico??)

I see I can "convert" a .png or .jpg image to .ico, but that's not what I'm looking for. I want to be able to make an image and save it as .ico. MS Paint doesn't do this, nor does Paint Shop Pro 6.

Are there any actual paint programs that allow me to create and save an image I make to .ico??

So I took a lot of my DOS games and made them shortcuts, so basically I can open them from within Windows 10, by using a .bat file. Only problem is they all have the DOSBOX icon. I want different icons for the games instead. I was able to get an image I want as an icon, but it's not a .ico file. I seen I can convert the file online, but then I started poking around and found that no paint program actually allows you to save as .ico
Andrew · Admin
I have used Axialis IconWorkshop in the past, to export .ico files locally on Windows. It is a [u]paid software[/u], however.

You can possibly find some useful, Free alternatives, here:

JDraw, Gconvert ...

I've never used these, but you could consider trying them out.

Otherwise, online converters should be fine, for infrequent conversions.

[quote]Are there any actual paint programs that allow me to create and save an image I make to .ico??[/quote]

I'd say once you have a ,png to .ico converter, you should be fine.

You shouldn't need to create the design in the same program.

Design in whatever software you are most comfortable.

Then do the conversion separately.

I've never attempted to design anything in IconWorkshop,
and solely used it to convert my already designed .PNG files into .ICO.
twiigss · M
@Andrew Oh okay. Thanks for the information Andrew. I ended up using an online converter and everything worked for me getting the .jpg to .ico.

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