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How can I help my girlfriend ?

My girlfriend is wanting to do drumming lessons it's hard to find anyone to teach drumming to adults anymore unless if some rock star gives a private lesson she doesn't have a how to connect with them to do that she's not good at technology. We do have those school of rock around here they only accept kids and young adults under 21 which is very unfair even online people on Instagram have an age limit I find that stupid I get teens under 16 are causation online yet it doesn't mean they have to leave people out who wish to be a drummer also 21 ain't far from being a teen one of her friends is doing a Beatles tribute band though you have to be under 21 to audition online I find that very unfair and stupid especially to young Beatles fans. Not many band camps or rock schools accept people over 21 I wish they have band camps for adults it's not fair teens and kids get to have all the fun maybe they do in places like LA and San Francisco yet we're in Ohio one of the most poor states in America it's hard to find drumming lessons around here she also said she wants to do guitar again one day she played when she was 13 she hasn't touched it in years she wants to start again it's so hard to find a school of rock or band camps do adults she wishes she would have stuck with this stuff when she was younger though she wasnt interested in rock back then she only did Country. How can I help her find some good drumming lessons ? Why are band camps and rock schools only for kids and teens not adults ?
tfan12346-50, M
YouTube has videos of everything. You should be able to find vids of people teaching people drum playing 馃憤馃檪
Check a local music store, if they don't have lessons they usually know who gives them

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