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Dating apps are becoming increasingly full of scammers

So I uploaded tinder on my phone yesterday ( it was Saturday I was bored) see if I could find the man of my life there, I matched with a guy the same age as me, we were talking I liked him, was so cute and so good to be true. Today we were talking, every time I was asking him for a real date he was changing the subject. I was like wait? Maybe he found someone else, later he confessed that he was not the guy in the pic and the person I was talking to doesn鈥檛 exist !!!!!!
Omg I miss my stupid ex at least I knew what he was all the time!
I was shocked, I am still, what would anyone do that? This is stupid?
Fake profiles, fake accounts !!!
Be careful guys, only believe it when you see him/her in a bar and you drink a martini 馃嵏 because this shIt happening online is limitless!
Kae2056-60, FVIP
The businesses that create these apps have a lot to answer for , countless numbers of members have not only been scammed but murdered as too when will legislation come in to protect registrants.

A uptodate passport, driving license, with a live photo crossmatching , would be a start .

Alongside recent proof of address .Would be really useful.
I'm pretty certain full verification would save many from a string of potential ordeals.
However it seems quick profit rules the day, and personal, just doesnt matter.

If in doubt ask for a video call sooner rather than later .

Anything less is really tempting fate.
It is true madness I must say. Be especially careful for certain things in a profile introduction too. People can make mistakes in their quest for a relationship
Unless you meet someone face to face and interact with them enough to actually like them, there is no chance of a relationship working out. The most important decision of your life must not be left to computer algorithms or sex traffickers. Trust, but only after you verify.
Nick161-69, M
You know why? Because most are chasing illusive partner. Presenting you as you are don鈥檛 get you anywhere.
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SmallWorld61-69, M
Says Uma Thurman
SmallWorld61-69, M
@SmallWorld OK it was kinda snarky. I apologize
justanothername51-55, M
Scammers are always on the look out for hapless daters looking for their ideal guy or girl and dating apps are their happy hunting grounds.
mellie26-30, F
@justanothername I learned my lesson even it was painful. But I am not going there anymore
mellie26-30, F
Only to a bar( but sometimes I meet married guys not wearing their rings and saying they are single) what an ugly world
justanothername51-55, M
@mellie I met my wife via an online dating site not long after I got separated from my first wife. It definitely wasn鈥檛 an easy process and require a lot of unsuccessful first dates and a lot of first chats to a thousand or so women before I got close to making any sort of progress.

"Movie star looks, love spelunking, fishing, sushi (rawer the better), into "precious" metal rings, sometimes I'm of two minds (makes me a Gemini?), I run in elite circles (wizards, nobility, heads of states, etc. all want in on my action), and well-travelled."
Mudkip31-35, M
That's insane. Not sure why people would lie about that tbh. Like texting is as far as they'll get lol
mellie26-30, F
@Mudkip they are sick
Mudkip31-35, M
@mellie oh yeah, creeps
JimboSaturn51-55, M
I would say 80% are fake profiles.
Animalvan56-60, M
Not all of them are scammers
jamesbest26-30, MVIP
Its the same here lol
DaddyP61-69, M
Amen sister!
Hanginginthere31-35, M
I鈥檝e had something similar happen to me, tinder is one of the worst apps out there

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