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I Love India And Indian Culture

I was talking to a person that said in their country they have a lot of “servants”.
I was twitching inside, and to avoid confrontation just said, “Huh? Oh there are people that help you back home, can they pay their bills with what they make? Are you guys nice to these.... people?”
Then eventually the subject changed, thankfully.
I hate that word.
We are all... people.
Everyone is a person worthy of respect and admiration.
(They have to be pleasing, productive, and harmless I know, I know, that is the original thought in my mind though.)
Especially if they are someone providing a service to you.
“Hey Estefania come serve the guests now please.”
Introduce Estefania to the people, say something like, “I am so grateful for the help of this kind individual bringing you drinks because I myself would spill the tray, haha. Thank you so so much Estefania. Estefania is amazing at drawing and she’s always so helpful with an amazing attitude, she’s so sweet...”
Seriously people of the world, please, please...
Treat people as human individuals, appreciate just in what ways they are being pleasing or productive to you.
Make them a card, talk to them about their life, gain wisdom from their stories.
Always ask yourself, “What if I was that person? How would I like people to treat me?”
No one is to be treated as anything less, ever, if they are helping you do something you can’t do or don’t want to do, please give them the credit for that through how they are treated and acknowledged.
This being someone you know of course.
Not because you can’t trust a person based on the job they have.
We can’t trust anyone period, people earn our trust, some of the most/least educated and rich/poor people are people not to be trusted, and some are the kindest, most humble people you’ll ever meet, you never know.
Once you know a person, make them feel special.
As always any advice I give is always turned right back around to myself.
If I ever give any advice, I assure you 100% I am not any better, because if I ever point a finger, 3 fingers are pointing back straight at me.
I write what comes to my mind, yet I can’t expect to change the world, if I don’t first change my own self.
If I don’t impact my own spheres of influence.
I write expecting nothing in return but the satisfaction I feel in reading my own words, because I freeze a moment in time, a thought, once I write it down in words.
And it is as meaningful as revisiting a special place, when I go back and read what I have written and thought about.
So for the ability to write, and for the invention of words and language, I am grateful.
kayoshin · 36-40, M
I like what you wrote, unfortunately in reality people treat people like crap without even having them be their servants. If you doubt it just go a few times to a restaurant and REALLY LOOK at how people treat waiters. You'll see it. Empathy and politeness have been replaced with entitlement and hurtful intent. It's a cold cruel world and the less power you have the more apparent it becomes.
Specialyouare · 31-35, F
@kayoshin I agree with you completely! You are correct.

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