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I Am German

Germans, how do you feel about how your government lied to you and how your left-wing press lied to you about the New Year's Eve riots?

They told you the mobs weren't necessarily Middle Easterners. They lied. They told you the attackers weren't asylum-seekers. They lied.

They're saying the assaulted women weren't careful enough. Yea, they violated Islamic custom about women going about in public. They're saying criticism of the migration is worse than the riots themselves.

The assaults on women took place not only in Koln, but many places in Europe. They appear likely to have been coordinated, perhaps even by Islamic State. They are giving you a clear message: "We own Europe now. We will do as we please with the infidels."
Well. For the U.S., we're only accepting 1% combat-aged males. Most of the 20-60,000 refugees we're taking in are women and children. I find it difficult to believe that Germany would just indiscriminately let anyone in their borders. I know for the U.S., the U.N. and the U.S. basically scan them and determine whether or not they're a threat. This is a year to two year long process.

If terrorists wanted to get into the country, they would do so through other, easier, faster means. You should be more worried about tourism. But, I get the concern over it. I wouldn't really want refugees to be mixed into the general population. The point of a refugee system is to grant safe haven until their own country is safe again. Not resettlement.

The German population is 80 million. There are just over 1.5 million Syrian refugees, and Germany accepted like, less than 100,000. If this was coordinated by I.S., I hardly think they have achieved anything. They'd have people blowing themselves up, not wielding wooden planks. A large percentage of refugees are simply people who don't want to die from being blown up in a country that pretty much every country is dropping bombs on.
It doesn't happen because full scale wars would break loose. If you send a military force in to squash gangs, that inspires more gang members. The same as terrorists. If you occupy a nation, that sparks resistance. There would be even more bullets flying and even more innocent people getting caught in the crossfire. It's a point I didn't think about though; I'll have to look at the mass shooting statistics.

Exterminate ISIS. What if Russia or China occupied the U.S.? Or Germany, wherever you live. Would Americans or Germans be like "Oh shit, okay you win." ? Maybe at a certain point, but most Americans I know would fight to the death if someone occupied our country. More than that, what if someone invaded your home? Would it really matter what their reason was? You would have to trust them. Who would you trust to bust down your door and start fucking your house up trying to catch a thief? At what point would you be like, "Okay, mother fucker, you're ruining my house: take this somewhere else."

No way. I don't think there's one politician, or even one non-extremist Muslim in America who doesn't see ISIS as something that needs to be squashed. I'm super on the left; I'm not liberal, but I am way on the left. And even I'm like "kill those mother fuckers." ISIS is a threat to pretty much everyone. The Republicans will definitely go all out, if one is elected. Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton would, I have no doubt, put an end to ISIS, as well. And even then, ISIS is more a threat to Europe. If they keep spreading out, they'll possibly become a threat to China. And Russia has interests in the Middle East; they don't want ISIS controlling shit.
"If you occupy a nation, that sparks resistance."
It depends on whether you are serious. If you aren't serious, as with Don Rumsfeld and Iraq after the victory in 2003, you get resistance. The die was cast when he gave orders to sit back and watch while looters ran wild after Saddam fled into hiding. If you are humane but serious, like the Allies in Germany and the US in Japan after WWII, it doesn't spark resistance, and it won't inspire more gang members. People get the message and they get on with their lives.

"What if Russia or China occupied the U.S.? Or Germany, wherever you live. Would Americans or Germans be like "Oh shit, okay you win." ?" As I just mentioned, that did happen to Germany already. Right now, I think America could not be pacified. However, the way we are letting Obama and the Supreme Court impose despotism, I am worried, very worried.
The issue for gang violence is a socioeconomic one. If you crush resistance, people are still growing up in poverty. The issue is still going to remain. They're still going to seek a way to survive and thrive, which means they will turn to crime. The level at which you would have to crush them would spark protests, I'm sure. There's already the Black Lives Matter thing due to police brutality, even though a lot of the police actions are justified. Some of them definitely aren't. But, point is that if a bunch of poor people are being slaughtered, people aren't going to stand for it.

A despot would not allow a democratic election to take place. So if that's true, then there will be no election this year. He wouldn't have to justify stances to congress, either. In Vietnam, Johnson sent troops to fight in Vietnam while technically not calling it a war, if I recall correctly. Without congressional approval. If you ask me, the America is more a corporatocracy than despotism. Maybe a corporate oligarchy. In capitalism, money is power. Obama got elected largely due to funds he received from several corporate health.

Remember, he was running on the premise of a Single Payer Healthcare system like Canada and places in Europe. Then he came out with this bullshit Obamacare thing which is basically just blackmailing the American people into getting health insurance, even if they can't afford it. The funny thing is it's called the "Affordable Care Act." Oh man. Kills me every time. To understand what a bill does, all you have to do is read it as the opposite of what it is. "The bill to prevent the slaughter of kitties and puppies." actually means a bill to kill all kittens and puppies.

Although, yeah, the indefinite detention of American citizens to find terrorists based on no fair trial that Obama passed in 201..2 I think, is pretty scary.

Btw, you're a really good debater. You don't get overly emotional.
Usually, in Germany, "we" are specific and precise. So first of all "they" didn't lie but some people.

To cut a long story short. I am sure we are one of the most liberal countries at the moment and I am proud of this. Nevertheless we need to address the problem that every religion and culture contains criminals. And when there are mostly Arabic men from the Middle East or North Africa coming, with a specific social and cultural background and come to Germany with hardly knowing the language and no job allowed to work in Germany, it is an issue. Yet, nearly all of the 1 million refugees are peaceful and thankful.

But, this does not mean that every Islamic refugee is a terrorist. We learned from our historic background and are doing our best to stay safe in our country as well as dealing with this humanitarian crisis.
Not every migrant is a terrorist. But none of these folks you are letting in want to become Germans.
It's a copout to say "every religion and culture contains criminals". The only religion that poses a terrorist threat is Islam. And the Islamic civilization is without rival for the shabbiest treatment of women. In northern Europe, you already have a very large proportion of the rapes in your countries being perpetrated by Muslim immigrants who believe Allah hates non-Muslims and that non-Muslim women deserve such treatment.
The appropriate lesson from the Nazi disaster is not that you should let people walk all over you. Intelligent people know that the Holocaust happened under a totalitarian dictatorship. It could never have happened under the Hohenzollerns or the Habsburgs or the Weimar Republic.
Read this, it's in English. And don't believe all that bullshit, that US media is telling now about the situation in Germany.
Well, I have to say as a woman I don't really feel safe anymore... It will be even worse when carnival starts here. I don't mind the refugees here, most of them are really nice people that take great afford in fitting in but others literally act like pigs and have no respect for our culture. Someone should finally take care of the main problem, the IS.
Merkel needs to wake up and realize she's not a superhero. Accepting a few thousand would have been enough but we're literally accepting in the millions. We should come first, not the refugees who could very well be staying in places like Greece but have CHOSEN that this is not good enough for them.
its to save the refugees from the angry mob of nazis. thats all. we Need These refugees goddamnit. hating them will get all of us just deeper into the shit.
Half of them act like they're on holiday and they own the place. They're not refugees. Shit, most of them were raised that we are infidels and we should die the way we live!
Very sad. The world needs to wake up !!
was stimmt denn mit dir nicht?
that sounds scary ...

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