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The same yet again # 1 : the issue of immigration into Britain

It's near to 60 years ago that the shared tv interview was conducted. Now I'm not pretending that we're any less in anything today but we need to take care. Why should we need to dumb down? Why should we pretend that an objection of having to read too much or of making an issue too complex has any merit at all? No, no, no, one can be conservative and be progressive at the same time. Look back and see TR as just a man carrying a big stick and you're missing the point entirely. No, his Man in the Arena speech is the TR moment that we need to focus on. Likewise in the following the BBC interviewer laid down his opinion from the start. Yes, very much like Lineker did on twitter last. It's not for them at the BBC not to have an opinion expressed, but it's up to our politicians to do the right thing. Stand up and take measure of the situation, and not to follow the masses down any rabbit hole. To compare any government nowadays to any fascist or communist near to a century ago is perhaps not what one should do in any debate today, but the near to total lack of interest or desire to debate each other is much more dangerous


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