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The G*nocide in Gaza.

I have dedicated a lot of my posts explaining how the conflict did not start on the 7th of October As it was literally happening on 6th of October and before that (I’m actually horrified there are people who genuinely think this started on the 7th of October and view Israel as this innocent entity )

But let us go with your ignorance and let us say that this started on the 7th of October.
What is your justification for supporting a g*nocide in Gaza and not calling Israel a war criminal?
Gaza is made up of 50% children.
Moreover, b*mbing hospitals(22 hospitals bombed !) , entire neighborhoods , refugee camps , churches , mosques , bakeries , schools , UN facilities etc
Is barbarism and savagery . It’s targeting of civilians which is literally a war crime and act of ter*orism . Israel has also used illegal war weapons like white phosphorus.

Remember when
The USA invaded Iraq over nothing ?
It launched a war on Iraq unprovoked .
Ki*led a million Iraqi civilians
Displaced millions
With r*ping looting and torture incidents
And created a catastrophe
The USA admitted it was unprovoked
And invaded Iraq over a lie
Hamas could never dwarf this act of terrorism by USA .
So are you saying that if Iraq b*mbs civilians in USA
It is justified ? If iraq b*mbs your churches , schools , universities , homes etc it is okay?
Because we know USA is sitting on a pile of terr*rist crimes since it’s formation but
Does that justify the sl*ughter of American civilians? Targeted slaughter of American children? Sophisticated Targeted assaults on civilian buildings?

There is no justification for whoever justifies this except for racists and hypocrites.

This happened in period which is less than two months :
Your context won't be acknowledged by the glib users here. A genocide is not a thing they comment on. They're fine with that and they'll shadow you for trying. Murka is the Final Solution to Palestine and the ecosystem. But nobody here would dare talk about it.

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