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I am sick of constantly hearing Spanish in my great country. English is the language in the USA - Dont care who thinks I am wrong.

caPnNathanael · 26-30, M
Why do you think we should only speak one language? Fact is, the US has no official language, so get used to it
@caPnNathanael I know there is no official language and I knew some naive youngster would come here and start spouting that. I never said there should be only one language. The American language is English. If you come here to take advantage of the culture of America, you should adhere to it to some extent - not just come to take. If the language and culture of the country that you left to come to America is better, stay there.
caPnNathanael · 26-30, M
@ManKing you just said it right there. [i][b]the[/b] American language is english.[/i]. You can't immediately become integrated either
@caPnNathanael That is not saying it should be the only language. It means learn and use English when you get to America. Speak your other language in settings where everyone is speaking that language. Anywhere you go in public in America, English is the language. You haven't lived ling enough to catch me slipping. If you are going to try to use my words against me, you need to get them right and be man enough to be honest about them. Get back at me when you become one.
In what context? Surely pwople speaking a different language in public doesn't bother you?
@BritishNRASupporter You don't state that you are American in your profile so your input doesn't count

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