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I'm trying to find my artistic medium.

I haven't created any art in at least a year. Before, I used a simple ballpoint pen and paper and created some pretty realistic pieces....but I don't like the lack of control when I have to use a pen for shade (there is a method to the madness) because it could leave a small blob of ink. I also want to branch out and use something where I can blend, have color, while keeping the ability to have a true black versus pencil where it's at best a dark grey and not stress having to cover large areas on the piece. I mean it sounds like I want to paint doesn't it? Lol but idk a brush is different than using something with a fine point to sketch. Then there's hybrid where you can use anything with anything in a piece. Example that I think would be cool is pen and watercolor/gouache paint.

I've been seeing a lot of oil painters playing off of texture in their abstract pieces that sell for $$$ for modern stuff. I have ideas for that. While, I appreciate oil paint for being very versatile because it takes like 2 weeks to dry so you can edit, blend, and get those vibrant can be messy, having to use mineral spirits and you just have to have ventilation.... that's something I really can't accommodate for. So...I'm at a loss in what I want to use.
Groovy , what about pastel oils on black art paper and or some pink spray paint 🎨
RedGrizzly · 26-30, F
@ThreeLittleBirds that would be a pretty cool looking piece there with the different pastels then the sharp contrast with black. Can definitely work some magic with that.

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