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The law of Creation, part two, by Alvisego

Therefore, let us seek a third possible world, because it is that world in which you live today.
You will claim, that this third world stands far from the ideal.
“Yes” I reply “for the time being it still stands far from the ideal”
That however is not the correct word. This world does not stand, but transforms and approaches the ideal. You task, people is to achieve this ideal.
Besides that, you must comprehend the sense of this third world. Then it will no longer seen less than ideal to you.
This world was created, based on the principle of compelling the living matter to seek new roads towards the most ideal form. One can compel someone to seek new roads only when the path on which he finds himself turns out to be bad, and he wants to, and must, find a better road.
Therefore, an eternal need and an eternal struggle for something better must be created.
So that it can advance better in this struggle, and must develop strength and endurance within himself.
In this manner, living matter formed the plant and the animal kingdoms. These struggle against other, and, while struggling, sustain each other. The less effective forms lose the struggle and become extinct. The old organisms age, become weak and die, thus making way for new ones.
You never die. You live eternally. Today, it is under the name of the father John; tomorrow, under the son’s son, Nicholas; the day after tomorrow, under the name of the son’s son, Peter; and so, on eternally for you continue to live in them. It is your flesh which continues to grow quantitively, and qualitatively, and transform.
With the dying out of the old bodies a double goal is achieved. The ridding of old bodies which are no longer capable of transformation, and the opportunity for better bodies to come into existence.
Ther is no such thing as a complete death. There is only discarding of links in the chain which are no longer functional.
Without regard for the necessary sacrifice, living matter advances along its course of development. What is abnormal or deplorable about the rabbit eating grass, about the tiger eating the rabbit, and about man eating a cow. Everyone of them has lived its time on Earth and departed from it not by rotting uselessly, but by providing sustenance for the development of another body.
What you consider to be a struggle and mutual destruction is a mutual effort, mutual support for achieving the joint goal of development.
Life seems so interesting and attractive to you, as well as desirable and beautiful, only because the people around you change. The old ones pass away and the new ones replace them with a new appearance and with new ideas.
Just imagine that around you live a hundred—years, thousand years, hundred-thousand-year-old acquaintance, one you know better than the old stump at the edge of the yard. Imagine that you will see these faces eternally, and only these faces. Would the world then still seem interesting, attractive, and necessary for you? Or imagine that you would have to eat eternally, from the same apple tree, in your orchard, the same tart or sweet apple. No matter where you should go, you would see everywhere only the same things that you have seen thousands of times before. Wouldn’t that be a horrible and wouldn’t everyone desire to die? Yes, that would occur, and The Almighty would once again be alone.
Man however, will raise one more, supposedly founded, objection,” Yes, if death is necessary, the why is this intolerable dread of death needed?”
I reply, “As you have been told already, the basic principle of life struggle. A struggle is nothing easy. Had The Almighty not given the living being such a strong dread of death, such a strong desire to live under the most difficult conditions, then everything would have collapse once again, and The Almighty would not achieve His goal.
“Without the love of life and the fear of death, each living being, every human, would give up every struggle, would leave each difficult life, by passing from the difficult life, full of struggle, into easy death. What could compel the living being to live, were it not for the fear of death? What would compel the living being to defend its life, were it not for the fear of death and for the pain? Nothing, my dear man!”
Pain is supposedly terrible. Yet it is given for defending the body against the dangers which threatens it from other living beings and from disease. Only those living beings for whom it is necessary and useful, have been given the feeling of pain. Many organisms are born and die without knowing pain.
Now we have been given an insight into the world as created by The Almighty. You, man, can see that to create something different than what The Almighty has created, would not progress, but regress. You can see everything good and everything bad is equally indispensable for achieving the best and he most beautiful goal, which The Almighty has set for Himself and for you.
The world has been turned over to you. All plants and animals have become your servants and helpers. You can be merciless toward them, but you must avoid torturing them unnecessarily. You have to make their lives pleasant and beautiful as well.
I say this to you, ruler of Earth-man. I, The Almighty’s Voice, Alvisego, tell you a tiny part of the first letter “A.”

The Tidings, Volume Two, The Book of Tidings of The Almighty and His Spirits, Nick Mezins

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