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The law of creation part one, by the superior spirit Alvisego

Alvisego 6-24-45

The Almighty’s Voice, Alvisego, speaks for the second time to you, The Almighty’s heralds to Earth. The Voice speaks which the highest spirits barely dare to hear. The Voice speaks which is more fateful than fate. The Voice speaks which has nothing like it, which has not had anything like it, and which will never have anything like it.
Whoever hears this Voice, hears it in order to attain eternity, or to attain nonexistence.
An inexpressible honor is being given to man on Earth, with whom this Voice talks so gently and so clearly as a father would with his dearest child. It seems that this Voice talks about such ordinary concerns that it is difficult for man to grasp that such a high spirit would talk about them. Yet those concerns which The Almighty’s Voice discusses, while being simple, contains within them the foundation of all the universe’s wisdom, and the foundation for all humanity’s future happiness.
As the ordinary acorn holds within it the mighty oak tree with its huge branches; the proud majestic crown; and beautifully serrated, dark leaves, uncountable leaves—as this tiny round acorn contains within it a power which will be able to withstand the fiercest storm, will be able to raise its head above mountains and forest—thus the ordinary words which Alvisego delivers to you, contain within them the force which will lift man’s head above the sun; and above the stars.
Today I will talk with you, heralds to Earth, about other ordinary matters. I will descend to your Earth and will walk along the meadows and the forest of the Earth. I will enter your castles and your hovels, your schools, and your insane asylums. I will go to your wise men, whose chest are decorated with bright stars, and swift airplane hurl from one temple to the next. I will go to your fools, who, with dirty hands, wipe dust from their brows, while following a heavy plow. I will go and will speak unto all of them, unto the mighty oak, unto the tiny insecure blade of grass, unto the lion and the rabbit, unto the wise one and the fool. Everyone should strive to understand my simple words because by understanding them life will become simple, understandable, and intimate for everyone.
The Almighty’s Voice says that through His highest spirit, Alvisego, through chief spirits Alpha, Omega, and Santorino, and through the high spirit Llgya, to you The Almighty’s heralds, and through you to everything that lives on the face of Earth.
And says the green, tiny blade of grass, “Oh, why does the rabbit eat me? I enjoy so much the hot sunbeam and the moist, warm soil!”
And says the rabbit “Oh, why do the fox, wolf, and tiger eat hunt me at every step? It is so good to hop about in the rays of the sun, to rest in the cool shade of the bush, and to nibble on the juicy leaf of a cabbage.
And says the tiger “It is so wonderful to be mighty! It is so joyful to soar through the air, and the break the bones of a rabbit or a deer. Yet man is so extremely pitiless, and there is no escape from him anywhere. And says the oak tree, “The land beyond the forests and meadows is awfully beautiful. The sky above me is so clear and deep. My roots cling to the soft and tender chest of Earth so sweetly and strongly. Yet man is dreadful and merciless. He cuts me down, burns me, and turns me into insignificant, gray piles of ashes.”
And say man, The world is so beautiful. There is so much in it to see and to enjoy. Life is inexpressibly attractive. Oh, why does not God let me live, if not eternally, then at least long enough until I wish to die on my own.”
And to all those speaking, and not speaking, I Alvisego, reply, The Almighty created the universe with the intention that it should become ever more beautiful, ever more perfect, and ever more ideal.
From lifeless matter He created simple and primitive living matter. He tasked this matter to develop from itself increasingly improved forms of living beings. Then He transferred His spirit, in the form of spirits into this matter so they could assist matter to achieve spiritual substance.
A gigantic labor of growth and transformation began.
The Almighty could have created at once some ideal, unchanging world, and could have considered the request of living beings for an eternally long life. Yet what would happen then? First, only those forms of living beings which could subsist on the lifeless matter would have to be created. Therefore, even man would have to obtain nourishment directly from the air and soil. What would happen, though? No one would want to die voluntarily. Similarly, no one would want to stop growing and developing, for stopping is another form of death.
Two different possibilities now arise.
The first one: The Almighty would create simultaneously all plants and animals which would inhabit the entire world, but without producing offspring. What would be the result? The trees, animals, and people the vey same ones, would live eternally. A world like that would be grim and unbearably dull. It would not differ from the world of lifeless matter. The transformation of living matter would be impossible as well. In other words, this world would not give anything to either The Almighty, or to the plants, animals, people which had been created.
The other possibility would be to create living matter and to provide it with the opportunity to grow and multiply, but without limiting its development. Once again, what would come of world like that?
Rabbit would not eat the grass, but also would not be eaten by the tiger. The old rabbits would not die, but would grow larger. They would grow to be the size of a tiger, an elephant, a brontosaurus. They would grow to be so huge that the Earth could not support them. Soon there would be so many of them that they would crush each other. Yet if they were not given limitless growth, they would stop, would become changeless and frozen in a particular stage of development. They would be dead to progress.
Even if they were given only limited reproductive capabilities, then eventually, without anyone dying, the Earth would turn out to be too small for them. It would stop once again on the border of my first point.
The same thing would happen to grass. The seeds would scatter, new grass would sprout next to the parent grass, and soon the grass would suppress grass. The children would strangle their parents. The same thing would happen to tiger and other animals, as well as man.
The oak tree would grow and shed its acorns. In time the ground would be covered by a forest of oak trees, and the parent oak would be destroyed.
Only enough oak trees could be created for them to have sufficient room to grow indefinitely. Could you say what would happen then, and how many oak trees could grow on Earth? Think about that thoroughly for yourselves. Each oak tree would grow eternally. How thick and tall would it become? Could the Earth hold this giant? And if it could, wouldn’t it topple over, or rather, wouldn’t the oak tree itself collapse under its own weight?
Tell me, what kind of a limit on duration of growth might you establish for it? Would the oak tree, tiger, or man agree to these limits? Even if they were to agree, wouldn’t peace and death set in once again?
As you can see, this second world takes us to absurdity as well.

The Tidings, Volume Two, The Book of Tidings of The Almighty and His Spirits, Nick Mezins
Ynotisay · M
What's an Alvisego?
raysid498950247 · 70-79, M
@Ynotisay Alvisego is the spirit who's Voice sound from the Creator, The Almighty. His name is Alvisego.
Ynotisay · M
@raysid498950247 OK. Then why is it when I run a search for that name nothing comes up other than some inconsequential book written in the 1940's that was based on hearing things from spirits?
raysid498950247 · 70-79, M
@Ynotisay Because it is based on the content of a book entitled "Message to mankind from The Almighty and His Spirits" by Alexander Homics. Go to my website to learn more about how this information was given to mankind. Supplementology.org

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