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The story of Creation

Alpha and Omega (June 4, 1944)
"We the Almighty's chief spirits: I, Alpha, ruler of the beginning, the past and present: I, Omega, ruler of the future and of death, and the promulgator of the Almighty's thoughts: speak unto you, the nations of Earth in the name of the Almighty."
"At one time only the immaterial spirit of the Almighty existed and matter, which, like fog, immobile and dead, filled the infinite space-immobile matter, within which lay equally immobile energy."
"Intolerable tranquility and unbearable silence reigned in the world."
This tranquility and silence had neither a purpose nor any sense. It was hostile and unbearable to the living spirit of the Almighty. The Almighty's spirit felt inconceivably lonely in this dead world of matter. It was intolerable for the Almighty's immortal spirit to live in this immobile and aimless world."
"Overcome by inexpressible despair, the Almighty, in extreme anger, shattered the world of matter. A cosmic storm arose. Matter was perturbed and began to move. The dormant energy within it arose, and maelstroms of matter started to whirl in the space of the world. The transformation of matter began."
"Once perturbed, matter could no longer stop and calm down. Nebulae came into being, these condensed still more, and so-called suns formed, which rushed through space with enormous speed. They collided and caused huge conflagrations of the universe. They rushed past each other, extracting huge tongues of fire from each other. They parted in the space of heaven, but , small stars-suns-were left behind them. On cooling down, these became hard and dark. Thus planets came into being."
The Almighty bound matter within His laws , and began to investigate and form the world. As helper’s for Himself, and so as not to be alone, He created spirits from His spirit. Yet He failed to achieve the second goal. He remained lonely, for the spirits created by Him were the very same He, merely split into many parts. Imagine, if you humans could split yourselves into several parts, would that save you from loneliness? All of your parts would think and talk and act the same as you. Simply put, you would see yourself, multiplied innumerable times, reflected in a mirror with a cracked surface. In order for you to preserve yourself, and find a friend, you must use other means; you would have to bear children."
"ON many planets the conditions became such that matter on them had harden into rock and soil. Clouds floated above Earth, it rained, river murmured, waterfalls roared, seas billowed and winds howled. It seemed that matter was alive, but so it only seemed. The spirits turned to the Almighty and said: You gave us to rule over stars and planets, but this rule has no purpose and no sense. Why does it rain on ground which is lifeless and empty? Why do rivers flow into seas, which are empty and insignificant?"
"Again the Almighty felt alone and despaired. Yes, the space of the universe glittered with stars. Yes, there was eternal noise and movement of the planets. Yet all that still was and remained the very same lifeless matter, hostile and intolerable, dead matter."
"Time passed. Then the Almighty undertook an inconceivably great and difficult labor. He undertook a struggle with the very essence of matter. He decided to create living matter. After long, endlessly long, struggles, the great moment arrived when matter began to live. Atoms created the first molecules, and the dead matter began to live and to breathe. Living beings came into being. The ground became covered with grass and trees. The water, and the surface of earth, and even the air, became filled with insects, animals, fish, and birds."
"Now the Almighty and the spirits faced a task, to form this living matter in such a way that it could attain an ideal perfection. To form it so that it would be capable of comprehending the spirit and of ascending to him, and, having comprehended the spirit, would cease its hatred and would merge with the spirit for the realization of the loftiest goal, the creation of the most ideal world."
"One goal remained, though. The Almighty's desire not to be alone and to acquire for Himself spirits who would be capable of comprehending Him, and of helping Him in the formation of the world. This goal still remained unachieved."
"The Almighty began His second gigantic work of creation. He had given the animals a brain, that is, a complicated nerve center, for the animals had to move and seek food for themselves, as well as had to fight and adapt themselves to the demands of life and nature. With His spirit, He spiritualized this nerve center, which so far had been guided by instinct. He created man on Earth, and other beings, similar to him, on a few other planets, but not many. He formed a wonderful brain for man, and turned this wonderful thought-laboratory over to the spirit."
"The cycle of loneliness was concluded with that. The Almighty's spirits, on incarnating in human bodies, lead therein a struggle against the living and hostile matter. It however is, not a struggle of destruction, but a struggle of resurrection and transformation. The spirits give much to matter, and they themselves also receive much and transform. Thus they are helping the Almighty to form an ideally perfect world and to conquer the inertia of matter its desire not to live and its hatred for His spirit, for having forced it to live and to move."
"Man's task is, by combining the strength of the spirit and of matter-the body-to rise above the existing laws of nature and to create the ideally perfect and eternal being. To create a being who will ascend to the level of divinity and jointly with the Almighty will undertake the further formation and ruling of the universe. Such is the goal and sense of human life. For the time being, while it still has not been possible to overcome matter and to form an immortal body, the spirits have to travel from one body to the next."
"The goal of humanity's life may still appear to you to be unexpectedly great and unachievable. However, that may only seem so, for man is guided by the Almighty's all surmounting and immortal spirit."
"With that, the Almighty achieves His goal, He, the Father, with the help of matter, the mother, has created for Himself a son-man, who will be He, and also not He."
"You need to keep one thing in mind, though. Now you have been given to comprehend the Almighty and the world created by Him, and to comprehend the Almighty's sense of creation, and the goal and sense of human life. While comprehending all this, you must comprehend for yourselves what you have to do, in order to achieve this goal."
"To those, who do, not wish to heed the call of the Almighty-to form the world and to reach the heights of the spirit-the Almighty, to them the Almighty neither promises Paradise, nor threaten them with Hell. He merely allows them, as unnecessary specks of dust, to drift through the window of the universe into the darkness of nonexistence."
"The Almighty divided Himself into two high spirits-God and Satan. They are visible to the spirits, and they are accessible to them. God has the right to up lift the spirit of living beings and of man, to illuminate him with light and love. He has been given the right of hearing man out and helping him."
"Satan has the right to evaluate man, to punish and to destroy him. Observing from man point of view, God possesses only all that is good, and Satan-all that is evil. Therefore, pray only to God, for the Almighty will not hear you out. Pray to God not with words, but with good deeds."
"We, the Almighty's chief spirits, Alpha and Omega, bring to you ten (original receivers of messages) and to all the people, the Almighty's blessings and the love of God."
“May you be bright as the sun, and strong as steel".

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