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Nobody believes me when I meet them for the first time and say I'm Filipina. Do I need to bring my birth certificate to prove this? LOL XD

Most Filipinas have brown skin. Many Pinoys find Korean/Chinese skin tones beautiful.

The thing is, many people from different countries and culture have been part of our people. So there are mixed breeds.

From what I know, my family have blends from Spaniards. Idk. I haven't really tried tracing my genealogy.

Thing is, even I do admit I look like a Korean girl.
What happens is not really an issue, but something amusing that just keeps happening.

Everytime someone meets me for the first time, they mistake me as Korean/Chinese. Some Korean people even tried talking to me in Korean and I had to apologize because I don't speak their language well.
And when I try to explain, strangers tend to have different interpretations or understanding.

Only a while ago, someone complemented me and asked the same question. They expressed envy and fascination, so then I tried explaining, going as far as to try to encourage them to appreciate and love themselves too no matter what their skin tone is. Also, my mom raised me with the knowledge that each woman is beautiful on her own, but it is up to us to enhance that beauty soooo I really wanna encourage people to love themselves as they are.

Anyway, end of story is that they still end up concluding 'uhh so Korean/Chinese Koreans must find brown skin more beautiful.'

And that's when I gave up lmao. I tried. I really did. But people see and understand things from their own perspective anyway lol.
You should do a dna test, just for the fun and the curiosity of it! I鈥檓 about as white and freckly as they come and I had Filipino in my lineage! Barely there, but certainly a surprise. Of course, being mostly Irish and European wasn鈥檛 馃槀 Regardless of what your dna is, I鈥檓 glad you鈥檙e confident with yourself :)
Dv8rs18-21, F
That is so true, people see what they want to see, and what they are, they assume you are, because of similar looks. When in actuality you are unique, we all are unique. Other than the facts that we are all human, we are all mortal, we all share this planet.
@Dv8rs I like that thinking haha. Cheers!
One of my friends is mixed Hawaiian/Chinese/Japanese/Spanish/Filipino, so be grateful you don't have his issues馃槀
@SW-User Which blood stands up more in looks out of all that haha?

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