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Happiness lies in Scandinavian countries as well as Israel.

Carazaa · F
Having lived both in Scandinavia and the USA I can say that those countries have excellent infrastructure; great city planning. Cars are discouraged in towns so the cities are quiet, just cafes and little markets so people walk and socialize outside their homes everyday close to where they live and enjoy the parks everyday.

There aren't any homeless in the parks throwing trash around where the kids play. They have christian values and believe in taking care of the poor, mentally ill, and alcoholics, they are given apartments to live in so they aren't living in the parks. Everyone is happy!

The parks are beautiful and kids and people enjoy them everyday. Noone throws trash. It's very bad manners to throw trash on the street. The governments in those countries believe in educating their citisens in being caring about people and animals. and so do the kings and the queens. There aren't any homeless animals that bite people. The leaders do a lot of educational programs for the citisens. You don't hear slandering other politicians hardly ever.

Speaking bad about others is bad manners and the leaders are mostly positive and encouraging. They encourage citisens to be loving and caring about others like refugees, and to not throw trash, and to treat people the way you want to be treated, etc.

I love the USA but people are so isolated in the suburbs having to drive everywhere, and many just don't care about homeless and mentally ill so they live and destroy the parks. It's a shame.
Johnconnor · 31-35, M
@Carazaa That's the Point that they, including Israel have conserved their moral values unlike US.
Carazaa · F
@Johnconnor It is harder for such a big country to make everyone happy in the USA when there are so many from poor countries coming to the USA. It is harder to educate them about trash, good manners, how to raise happy children etc if they can't even eat.

The biggest difference that I see is actually how to raise happy kids. Many from poor countries come into the USA and punish their kids harshly so the kids grow up angry and just don't listen to their parents, police, or teachers. Rewards, praise, and family time is how to have well mannered kids not grounding them, taking things away, and yelling at them when they are bad.
I'm sure that's true. Seems a strange observation, though.
Johnconnor · 31-35, M
@Mamapolo2016 The report says so, year by year.
@Johnconnor Well, okay then!

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