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I Love Greece

Well Kos, we have been there last summer and I cannot get enough of my vacation pics... So here are a few beauties to see. So you all can enjoy this wonderful world.

Taking from the beach at our hotel.The land across from the sea is Turkey. Bodrum to be exact.
MrsUnholy · 36-40, F

Hill side village of Zia, Amazing panoramic shots you can get there.
firefall · 61-69, M
*envy* I'd love to go back to Greece again
MrsUnholy · 36-40, F
@firefall I wanna go back to!!!
MrsUnholy · 36-40, F

This is the view on top of the long big stairs at Asklepieon. It's considered the first hospital ever in human history. And it is gorgeous!
AlmostAnAngel · 100+, F
I miss my friend that always sent me beautiful pictures of Greece.
MrsUnholy · 36-40, F
@AlmostAnAngel You can enjoy mine! Got loads more and hope to go back next year
AlmostAnAngel · 100+, F
@MrsUnholy cool
MrsUnholy · 36-40, F

Kos city, harbour
I have never seen such blue on blue before! Where in Greece is this?
MrsUnholy · 36-40, F
@PoetryNEmotion A smaller island called Kos. This is the panoramic view on top of a hillside village called Zia. At least the last picture is. The first one is in Lambi, taken from the beach at our hotel and the second one is close to paradise Beach.
RedFlower · F
only been to korfu so far and its a wonderful country
MrsUnholy · 36-40, F
@RedFlower i wanna see Corfu too
MrsUnholy · 36-40, F

Photo taken on the side of the road, facing Paradise Beach
Beautiful. I´d love to Greece someday.

Glad you enjoyed your trip.
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I love Greece too. 😊

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