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I Love France

why are French people so violent?
and they look down on other countries?
like they have such great culture.....
not so sure.
I'd say any protest that turns into a riot of vandalism and violence won't be about the original protest. It's caused to destabilize the political situation, and one has to think about who'd be gaining by that. Hmm.
@SapphicHeart Those kinds of protests happen here, too, but nobody says Canadians are violent without being laughed at.
They happen a lot of places around the world. But guess the current situation made it a perfect target for our house troll to pick on the French and maybe give others some much needed rest. 🤦🏼‍♀️
france has a great history of revolution and overthrowing their goverments...

if your goverment isnt afraid of the people you are doing it wrong
dunpender · 80-89, M
I like France, I like the French, I like their culture, I like their wine and food and I like the climate and language. Vive La France.
Mamapolo2016 · 70-79, F
[quote]There is so much good in the worst of us, and so much bad in the best of us, that it ill behooves any of us to find fault with the rest of us. James Truslow Adams[/quote]

Violence is sadly a part of human nature. It is not the only part of human nature, but it's definitely there.

A government is the attempt by humans to arrive at a mutually agreeable way to protect the rights and safety of the many while allowing for individual freedom. It is always an uneasy peace and can erupt into violent protest which can and has developed into revolution - throwing over an existing power and replacing it with another.

The French are not any more violent than the rest of mankind. They are just in the spotlight at the moment.
vacationgirl · 36-40, F
@Mamapolo2016 omg violence? you are kidding right?
vacationgirl · 36-40, F
@Mamapolo2016 you are joking?
isleptinagain · 51-55, F
@Mamapolo2016 Oh boy, Looks like another Me-Too accuser. Everyone is a victim, every comment is a crime. Sad.
Miram · 31-35, F
There is no unified culture in France currently. Nor a unified attitude towards foreigners. Many religions, many practices, many behaviors...

They do have a history rich with violence and injustices but that was the past and other countries weren't exactly saints.
MtEaster · 31-35, M
What makes you think French people are violent?? I have always experienced that French people are really friendly. A little passionate about their country and food, but that's a good thing I think.
vacationgirl · 36-40, F
@MtEaster i'm watching the news
Northwest · M
You can spend an entire year, visiting museums in Paris, and you still would not have scratched the surface. The riots were bad, but are you seriously suggesting that they come close to approaching the level of violence we have in our cities?
I love France too
dunpender · 80-89, M
When it comes to arrogance not many can surpass the English, take BREXIT as an example of English arrogance.
vacationgirl · 36-40, F
@dunpender really? I never have though the English are superior in any way. crooked teeth and soccer hooligans?
dunpender · 80-89, M
Nor do I consider the English to be superior. Was there anything in my post that would indicate that I did?
they treat you better if you speak French to them
Rhodesianman · 56-60, M
I don't like the French .I found them to be arrogant and rude .I took my kids to Disneyland paris a few years back and wont go again .None of us enjoyed it .Even my kids said they never wanted to go again .It was an experience none of us want to repeat .
yeronlyman · 51-55, M
why do you single out French people or france?

i mean the French revolution wasnt exactly a cake party...
having said that it was a pivitol event in human history

like we haven't had time like that here too 😏
walabby · 61-69, M
They are passionate. The violence is secondary....
walabby · 61-69, M
@isleptinagain I hadn't heard of anyone being killed yet, but yes, extreme passion. The French revolution of the late 1700's was a VERY passionate time. Thousands of people killed !
isleptinagain · 51-55, F
@walabby yes americans too. very passionate. we are killing left and right. or is that different?
walabby · 61-69, M
@isleptinagain I think you could call it passion, although it seems more random than the French variety. We Australians are not very passionate....
amvanquish · 51-55, M
The French don’t have school massacres even if they have violent protesters.
@amvanquish They're not even that violent, they're just breaking stuff, they're not dragging people into the street and beating or lynching them.
isleptinagain · 51-55, F
@amvanquish what about the shooting in a shopping center on the news right now? looks like a massacre to me.
vacationgirl · 36-40, F
@SW-User yesterday three shot dead and 13 shot injured. do you not watch the news?
dunpender · 80-89, M
If the French Government crosses certain lines the French ensure the Government gets the message.
isleptinagain · 51-55, F
we had to leave the nightclub in paris because the BO on the dance floor was making our eyes water.
Bebop · 26-30, M
just a few idiots burning their own city/towns.
Goralski · 51-55, M
They're an tricky bunch
Rhodesianman · 56-60, M
@Goralski That's being very polite about them lol
just passionate
vacationgirl · 36-40, F
@SW-User smashing windows of businesses and stealing from them is passion? ok.
TheConstantGardener · 56-60, M
But they riot with such style...

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