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Czech music? Vonicka vs. V-Vonicka?

Several years ago I bought an album called Vonicka from a band performing on the Charles Bridge in Prague. I LOVE it. I'm not sure the group produced any other albums. I was poking around on the Internet today and found a band called
V-Vonicka. I'm not sure this is the same--the little bit I've streamed of V-Vonicka so far doesn't seem the same to me. Does anyone here really know their Czech music? What does the word Vonicka mean?
CrazyMusicLover · 31-35 Best Comment
What genre is that? Isn't that some folk/schlager compilation? Dulcimer music? That's all what I found.

Vonička is a flower/ribbon wedding decoration pinned on a groom's suit lapel. It's derived from the word vonět that means "to smell good" because originally the decoration was made of fragrant herbs. Basically, it's boutonnière.

Something like this?

Or this?

CrazyMusicLover · 31-35

The album is a compilation of Czech, Slovak and Romani folk songs. I understand Czech and Slovak.

The first one is in Slovak, the main line is very well known and often repeated in different variations. It's about a man who was sent to the woods but nobody gave him and axe. So he sings "we have such a custom here, you have to borrow an axe." Then he sings about how he refuses to go to the woods because he's afraid he will get killed when felling trees and how he has a smart girlfriend because she doesn't believe anyone, not even him. Then he sings about how he was sent to a pub but nobody gave him money and the line goes "we have such a custom here, if you got drunk, run away" It's a pub song.

Dajore Romani and Duj Duj are Romani songs. I know melody of the second one very well but I don't know what they are about. Not sure if I know the first one actually.

Pastýřská Píseň is a Czech song but I can't find anything.

Za Hory Horečky is an Eastern Slovak song in a local dialect. It's a man telling a girl to bring back horses that ran away to the woods because his legs hurt and she tells him back she's not going because she's not interested in him and he should get a girl who is willing to do that for him.

Kebych Bola Tak Jak Nejsú Bohatá is Western Slovak song sung at weddings. A woman wishes she could be rich so she could buy a golden chain with which she would tie herself to her boyfriend so he couldn't get away. Then she complains how he's doing well while she has to take care of her little son.

Teče Voda Od Záhora is also a Western Slovak song, possibly Moravian, it's the mix of Slovak and Czech words. It's about how parents have to send their son to war.

Okolo Hradišťa is a Moravian song, more Czech than Slovak. A girl is singing about how she is loved by a young man but she's dishonest with him. There's actually a word I didn't understand in the third strophe and already encountered it in a Ukrainian song earlier this year. I had to ask. So the reason why she was dishonest was that her mother scolded her. Probably for being with him.

Kdyby Byl Bavorov is a Czech song. The way understand it is that a woman is from Vodňany (Southern Czechia) and the man sings if he was from a neighbouring village/town, he would kiss her a lot but since he's far away she's not going to get a single kiss and how once he used to not care about weather to get to her but now he's too comfortable.

Dudácke Variace is probably a Czech song but I can't find anything. Bagpipe variations?

Seděla Jsem V Okénečku - a girl sings how she's bothered by officers asking her who she belongs to and she's telling them she belongs to a man who has gone to war.

Kebych Bola Jahodů is a Moravian song meaning If I were a strawberry. A girl wants to be a strawberry flower so her scent would lure a young man close to her village. She wants him to caress her cheeks.

Oči, Oči, Černé Oči sounds like a Slovak song. A girl can't sleep because her boy is coming to her and she's telling him it's no use to come to her house because there's no chance she could be his.

Kebyste To Mamko Moja Věděli is a Moravian song. A guy complains he feels lonely because he doesn't have a girlfriend. It sounds like he missed a chance and remained a bachelor but that is just my assumption.

Stredoslovenské Čardáše - Central Slovak (czardas) dances

Dikta Devla and Odoj Tejle are Romani songs and I don't understand a word.
Poppies · 61-69, F
@CrazyMusicLover You are so kind to have taken so much trouble for me! I am very appreciative!
CrazyMusicLover · 31-35
@Poppies I'm glad you asked because it's interesting to me too. 😊 I was trying to find something in January when I was creating a folk music playlist but it didn't occur to me to search for dulcimer music.

Fungirlmmm · 51-55, F
I don't know what it means, but I do remember eating bread made by the grandmother of one of my mother's best friends. She was czech and she called it vonicka pudding bread.
Tres13 · 51-55, M
I like Czech porn
Foodie60 · 31-35, M
Speaking of Czech , I have been to Prague , such a romantic city 😍

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