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Silent as a Pharaoh’s tomb, these libs are.

Oh come on! Tell us if there is anything you tell the truth about! We all know you lie about most everything.
ToddpicogramakaSatan · 70-79New
satans #28 and #31 say that the-antichrist asked God to give him another chance to repent [from the-permanent-future-hell]; here goes not nothing but a chance to repent; so, repent; what the hell are you waiting for? the permanent hell? there is no tomorrow in that hell; it will be the end unless you repent.
MarthannBann888 · 70-79, F

Satan never asked God for another anything. I have already repented of those things God would have me repent of. Those things YOU would have me repent of are of no account. I see no sign that you are aware enough of God and what He wants from you to encourage you to comment. John Milton said this about the devil when he landed in hell and looked around at where he would now be. “The mind is its own place, and of itself can make a hell of heaven and a heaven of hell.” Sounds like you.
ToddpicogramakaSatan · 70-79New
@MarthannBann888 satan next to me says: "if u aks him a kuestin, he won't give u money ..because he will pretend that when you speak that way it's not about asking for money but about asking a question"
If you've attained the age indicated and actually think in terms like that, it's certainly not worth engaging.
@MarthannBann888 Well, you certainly earned the zero, because you learned nothing.

It's an observation of what is, not an insult. Do you get upset if someone says it's raining and it is?
MarthannBann888 · 70-79, F

What is it with you? Just a regular kkkdem throwing around insults? And of course, most insults are at least somewhat factual, except for you. No one knows how to write demeaningly enough to accurately describe you. You will be the guy who sits in a nursing home telling everyone about all of the harm you have done in life. That is why you are kkkdem. All they do is harm and lie, harm and lie. Except if a person is an illegal migrant. Then you couldn’t be nicer.
@MarthannBann888 Lol Seems like you are the old person spewing insults.

You volunteered that you didn't even take your logic test, got a zero; since you don't understand any of the really basic stuff I said, I was agreeing that your zero was earned.

Oh, kkkdems have been gone for years, which you'd know if you were honest.
Shadyglow · F
We love ending suffering for anyone.

A lot to hate there.
MarthannBann888 · 70-79, F

Can’t take what you dish out, can you? Sounds a lot worse when you take it than when you dish it out. Think about this. You have sounded like this for years. Republicans have heard this stuff from you people, orange man a lot longer than you can imagine. Point all of those recriminations to your self, especially the hate. If you think I hate, it is because you inspired me to hate.
Since there are archeologists all over them, that means liberals are silent as grand central station
@Shadyglow you sure you got the right post?
MarthannBann888 · 70-79, F

She doesn’t have the right planet.
MarthannBann888 · 70-79, F

Where have all the liberals gone? I thought you would protest any good news.

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