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Is the best compliment you can get from a conservative man that of being a spicy broad?

Jr. Says it is. And we know how y'all adore jr.
They support a man who bragged about sexual assault.
So that bar is really low.
whowasthatmaskedman · 61-69, M
@bijouxbroussard Now lets stop for a moment and consider what is going on in the head of that woman to write that on a perfectly good T shirt and wear it........😷
@whowasthatmaskedman I can’t even imagine what must be [b]wrong[/b] with her.
whowasthatmaskedman · 61-69, M
@bijouxbroussard And yet, her vote counts just as much as yours, or Neil deGrasse Tyson for that matter.. And there is the problem with Democracy.. You dont have to convince the smart people. Just get the Morons on your side..😷
Northwest · M
He did not fall far from the The 'grab them by the pussy' tree.

Then again, I recall seeing some classy "You can grab this" t-shirts at his rallies. Hint: no one wants to grab [b][i]that[/i][/b].
Northwest · M
@Carla If they were thinking, they would not be at the rallies.

Carla · 61-69, F
@Northwest touche'
llloydfred · 56-60, M
@Northwest Wow, Funny, She cant even grab her V
Piper · 61-69, F
Not being a politically conservative woman, I'm not really qualified to answer. I can say though, that I wouldn't consider being referred to as a " spicy 'broad'" to be a very endearing compliment.
On a side-note...I'm guessing that whoever downvoted your post, thinks comments with terms like "Biden Biddys" are quite clever and hilarious.
RogueLoner · M
@Carla But I [b]can[/b] visualize liberals being good people. See the difference? I joke facetiously at their hypocrisy and have fun painting them into a corner, but I don't hate.
Piper · 61-69, F
@Carla I know you don't make up denigrating terms for women [i]or[/i] men, based only on their political leaning or age. Probably not at all and if you have, I've not seen it.

I know you wouldn't find it clever or 'funny' to mention menopause along with "biddy", in reference to a woman or women who may have voted for Trump.
RogueLoner · M
@Piper @Carla See what I mean, Carla? Condescending liberals suggesting, hinting, or telling the rest of us (me) deplorables the proper way to live our lives or conduct ourselves on a social media site.
This is EXACTLY why I do what I do.
TexChik · F
@TheSentinel 75 million voted for him , not counting the ones the voting machine software took away from him. The most for any incumbent in the history of the US. Now after this socialist debacle in just 2 short years ...and you expect more people to vote for that. I think you are a bit over optimistic. Socialists dont win fair elections.
@TexChik trump doesn't win fair elections. He was told that the fix was in for him. But America showed that to be wrong.
But isn't it hard to believe that there are still people that support this criminal?
spjennifer · 56-60, T
Did Dim Jr. mean this one? Looks more like just a loonie broad to me 🤪

Carla · 61-69, F
@spjennifer that's the one. They are both a little...creepy.
spjennifer · 56-60, T
@Carla Yeah, well he's a dickhead and a cokehead so no surprises there, in his case being a dickhead is genetic 🤪
DeluxedEdition · 26-30, F
Imagine being so ignorant and so bold
RedBaron · M
Why would any woman consider a misogynistic term like "broad" a compliment? Would you?
Carla · 61-69, F
@RedBaron dude...i was asking a question that i really wish to hear an answer to..
A person conservatives look to for talking points made that assertion. I want to know if they agree.
I would hope they would not.
RedBaron · M
@Carla Dude... sorry, I responded as I saw fit. Actually, I am not sorry. I did nothing wrong.
Carla · 61-69, F
@RedBaron i did not ask for, nor anticipate an apology.
I appreciate your opinion.
When i heard the comment, it smacked me. Such an antiquated and sexist remark. The audience embraced it. I was disgusted.
RedBaron · M
@Carla As is appropriate. But how do you know anyone took it as a compliment? Did you hear someone say that?
RedBaron · M
@Carla I am skeptical as to whether they would, which is what prompted my initial response. How much do you know about the makeup of the audience? Did it include a significant proportion of women?
Carla · 61-69, F
@RedBaron it was the last trump rally in ohio. So, 50/50?
RedBaron · M
@Carla OK
SteelHands · 61-69, M
I'm neither a wombless pretender nor akshul tamale, and don't abide by any label. However.

I do prefer an emotional composed vee gee that can appreciate a steak and knows how to make a guy be great. She doesn't care about compliments. She cares about actions.

Instead of cry waa waa unfair try to break a fake glass plate over an imaginarium on a unwoken pay for her on a date but she's so great. She sells her soul for words and steals a mans pride by using them if she can.

Ain't it so?
RogueLoner · M
"Spicy broad". 🤷‍♂️ First time I've ever heard that term.
Anyway, it's been MY experience if I say "honey" , or "sweetheart", or any feminine term of endearment to a liberal woman, I get verbally castrated as if I threw a brick thru her window.
So I've learned not to compliment at all. Who needs the guessing game as to which woman is nuts and which is only half nuts.
Carla · 61-69, F
@RogueLoner calling someone online, that is a relative stranger, pet names, can come across as condescending. In person too, for that matter. It takes a certain familiarity for that kind of interaction to be comfortable.
And i can't see calling a woman "honey" as a compliment. Telling her she makes delicious hot, honey wings, is a compliment.
RogueLoner · M
@Carla I'm not referring to online, other than not giving compliments. I mean real life liberal women that I am years worth familiar with, not strangers. I can see how saying such things to a relative stranger can come off as condescending or uncomfortable, and I nix that.
Anyway, I don't see what the big deal is to call someone you've known for years, admire, and even like ... "honey" in a complimentary way once in a while. Women call ME "hun, honey, or sweetie all the time, even if it [b]is[/b] an old man pity hun. I don't get upset or make a scene.
I told YOU that you made delicious homemade spaghetti sauce, and I never even tasted it. I'm sure it is though. Howzat?

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