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Did Durham do his job?

I'm inclined to think he did, milking the living daylights out of nothing and giving a pretense to the idea that there are really two sides to Trumpism.

Sure, Anti-Trumpists are going to say he failed, and Trumpists will say he was thwarted and was defeated by the evil deep state, but he kept this thing going for a long time, and I think he deserves credit for it.
eli1601 · 70-79, M
He did make it known how corrupt the FBI is. That's how we know that all their attempts to "get Trump" is all based on politics and hate. Plus we know now that you will never convict a democrat or a democrat sympathizer in D.C. no matter how guilty.

It's not a lot, but maybe when the Republicans take Congress we can have real hearings as opposed to the phony ones the dims are having.
@eli1601 Like Ben Ghazi?

I'm not sure how we got from Durham,a professional prosecutor with grand juries to Congressional hearing/shit shows, but I doubt the Dems will roll over and play dead in chambers out of protest like what's happening with the Select Commission.

This two sides, us vs them crap really looks pathetic this week, with Graham going one way, McConnell going another, and Trump hoping to clean up after the real Conservatives eat each other alive.

I differ with you on what Durham's job really was, but I'm glad at least your not calling him a RINO.
Ynotisay · M
Credit? Isn't that like congratulating a murderer on a successful killing?
@Ynotisay Not really, IMO.

More like a guy hired to work for a muderer who managed not to get caught committing any more crimes.

Seriously, at this point, Trump has trashed the reputations of and exposed many of the prior whove worked for him to criminal liability.

Durham hasnt yet really even gotten criticism from Trump yet, although my guess is he will eventually.
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Northwest · M
[quote]milking the living daylights out of nothing and giving a pretense to the idea that there are really two sides to Trumpism.[/quote]

You think it's over? Durham is just getting started.
@BizSuitStacy He's still got Danchenko and a report, I guess.

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