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I hate being from Alabama and I hate my Alabama high cheekbones

It's a curse from nature. I hate my high cheekbones
JimboSaturn · 51-55, M
I wasn't aware high cheekbones were a thing in Alabama.
Peaceandnamaste · 26-30, F
@JimboSaturn He bullied me and made me feel suicidal for being from Alabama
JimboSaturn · 51-55, M
@Peaceandnamaste You shouldn't give a shit about what some stranger says to you on the internet.
@JimboSaturn [b]This.[/b]
@Peaceandnamaste Don’t give your power away to some total stranger.
crownedwithlaurel97 · 26-30, F
you should see a therapist
wildbill83 · 36-40, M
deadteddy · 26-30, F
@Peaceandnamaste Methdozer never said you’re a worthless loser. His post was a joke and you should get over it. It’s been days.
Peaceandnamaste · 26-30, F
@deadteddy its ChadJNSD now.
I have to ask this: one moron says something ugly about your home state, and it’s tearing you apart. The rest of us are telling you to ignore him, but you’re ignoring us.

[b]Why ?[/b]

What makes [b]his[/b] message more valid to you than ours ? 🥺
Peaceandnamaste · 26-30, F
@bijouxbroussard I've blocked him now, felt much better now.
@Peaceandnamaste [b]Good ![/b] He didnt belong in your head. 🙂
Aren't high cheekbones largely considered to be attractive?
G0ddess · F
@BohemianBoo that’s what I was thinking
BarbossasHusband · 36-40, M
I'm really tempted to make an Alabama joke, but I won't.
Be proud of who you are.
What's an Alabama high cheekbone?
G0ddess · F
Stop hating yourself
iamonfire696 · 41-45, F
High cheek bones are a good thing.

You need to talk to a professional about this.

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