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Jesus healed my Schizophrenia turning my darkness into light

A song I can 100% relate to written by Ginny Owen's goes something like this....I sold my soul before, but that won't happen anymore, vying for love by being nice + stalking...Thought I was in control but I was such a slave you know until He (Jesus Christ) came and saved my life, now I'm no longer the same. I'm no longer afraid, I'm no longer ashamed, I'm breaking free from the Tyranny of me! You (Jesus Christ) know me, you healed me, you freed me now you own me!!!!

When I first fell, I noticed all of the clocks in my house had stopped Like I was taken to another time and place....I was in a catatonic state, sitting on my couch and I could hear the terrifying screams of terror from hell. then all of a sudden God gave me a vision of the cross. It was accompanied by a loud cracking sound like the sound of rocks cracking (CRACK!!!!) then the screams from hell were silenced, and from that moment I was redeemed!!!! From that moment I could smell a sweet perfume!!!! I searched for the origin of this amazing fragrance that I could smell smelling candles perfume deoderant nothing compared....But then the bible said that when Jesus died on the cross that his death became a fragrant aroma to the Father!!!! Took me years to find that scripture also 2 Corinthians 2:14 that talks about the fragrance of Life!!! Jesus died to give me Life!!! Budda didn't save me Allah didn't save me, no one saved me supernaturally like Jesus Christ did!!!

Then I resorted to having faith like a child to accept Christianity to be my new faith, I wanted to become a true Christian, I was walking through the valley of the shadow of death and I was listening to in touch Ministries with Dr. Charles Stanley over the radio and he said if you want to become a true Christian you don't have to be baptized by water, what you need to do is to sacrifice yourself upon Jehovahs alter!!! I thought about it all night, and wrote God a letter saying that I felt like I was living a lie, I wanted to make things right with the man I stalked, I wanted to be a better wife and mother and that I was sacrificing myself upon Jehovahs alter ! I layed myself down upon my bed like it was Jehovahs alter and gave my life up, when a radio DJ started speaking like she was speaking directly to me, at the same time I felt this supernatural power pour over me and seal me as she started to say if you want to become a true Christian stop living a lie! You don't need to do anything, what you need to do is to live in love and by faith!!!!! I just knew that I was born again and started jumping up and down on my bed!!!

Then I started noticing the hand of the Lord upon me touching me, and blessing me and keeping me from harm, and I started noticing my reflection in the actors on the commercials on the TV it really freaked me out, until one day Billy Graham Ministries made a movie about my world in a movie!!!!! During this time we were going through some hard times, my husband lost his company's and turned to drugs instead of turning to God! I was pregnant and just had our daughter and 5 year old twin boys.... One day my pastor asked me if I wanted God to change me or my circumstances I said both, then he said he was going to chop me at the root and to call out to Jesus!!! Next thing I know the pastor is screaming at me in front of the whole church, I cried and cried and cried for 3 days. I was falling apart again thinking Jesus was going to die for me again!!! I was listening to the radio again and a DJ said I don't know how I know this, but knock knock, boo boowho why are you crying??? And I thought about why I was crying. I was crying for my husband doing drugs, I was crying for my pastor for condemning me and I was crying for what we had done to Jesus! I didn'twanttohurt him again!!!! (Spoiler alert)(I can hear Angels singing right now) Next thing I knew a 7"6 Aboriginal intimidating man knocked on my door! He said Hi I am a Christian and I am hungry may I come in and eat with you? Just like in Revelations how Jesus knocks on our hearts door and comes in to eat!!!! coincidence I think not, we had steak and beans...Jesus seperating the sheep from the goats Lord when did we feed you what you did to the least of these you did it to me!!!! The bible coming alive is fascinating!!! Exciting!!!!

Then the next day I was listening to Z jam a youth call in Ministries when a letter came in that I could totally relate to, saying that there is a young lady who just wishes that someone would just touch her and view her as a gift!!!! Honestly that was fitting to how I felt about the man whom I had stalked in my youth, it was also fitting to rightly so be said of how I felt about my own husband!!! But ultimately Jesus was touching me, and Jesus is watching me I can clearly see that in movies and commercials on TV for all to see, so ultimately I dedicate this to Jesus Christ I want Jesus to touch me and view me as a gift!!!! Then there was a caller who called into the radio show saying inner beauty comes from a calm and gentle spirit!!! I could totally relate to this when it came to the guy I stalked, evil spirits were scaring me and my voice was loud like the clanging of a cymbal when all I wanted to do was love him...I could also relate to my anger towards my husbands drug habit a calm and gentle spirit would have made me beautiful inside and out....Ultimately When I would repeat these words to my husband speaking in tongues of Angels and men (children) I was consumed by a calm and gentle powerful yet soft spirit, the words would come out soft like breathing, yet it was so powerful I couldn't bare it....That was true inner beauty, sure beats a demon!!!! Then another kid called in saying He who is without sin cast the first stone um yeahhh people!!! JESUS never casts a stone!!!! And the last caller said Those who call upon the Lord He will show them great and mighty things that of which you did not know!!!! So true!!! My husband came home that night, and I saw a great light, and was consumed by great power and softness and repeated what the children said and He looked at me like he had just seen a ghost and quit doing drugs that night and told me he loved his wife and said you know you almost had me convinced, I told him I only told him what I heard the children say!!!! GOD SAVED OUR MARRIAGE!!! And God gave me a second chance to make things right with the man I stalked, that I was happy with and got my happy ending in the movie and got my closure! And started living in the light for all to see in these movies called the worlds!!! You are the light of the world a city built on a hill cannot be hidden!!!

Theres more but It's late and I need some sleep I will update this later...G'nite!
TheWildEcho · 56-60, M
That's amazing, thanks for sharing

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