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I Hate Christianity

Here in the west, christianity is the greatest threat to LGBTQ rights we face, in fact it's a threat to all human rights. That's why christians are attempting to divert attention away from themselves towards Islam and its attitude to the LGBTQ community, hoping we won't notice how oppressive christianity is.
MartinII · 70-79, M
Not so. Islamism, which bases itself on Islam, represents a threat to western civilisation. That's why all who value western civilisation are concerned about Islamism. Nothing, or very little, to do with attitudes to LGBTQ people.
Sharon · F
@MartinII Islam might becaome a threat to Western Civilization at some time in the future but christianity already is. It's not only the LGBTQ community who are under threat from it, all of us who don't go along with christianity are.
@MartinII Xiantity is the immediate threat. It's insidious and already has a foothold
BJR66 · 31-35, M
Not to burst your bubble but believe it or not the LGBTQ community isn't the centre of the universe nor is it really much of a concern in an political arena. Christianity has been doing what you're talking about since the dawn societies I.e the crusades.
OnlyRhonda · 36-40, F
@Sharon Could you give a truthful example? I am sure there must be one - I just can't think of any.
I do know that the Islamics spread their religion by the sword from Arabia across North Africa and into Spain, and into Anatolia and then eastern Europe as far as Vienna. In the east, they attacked the Persians and then Hindus. And still butcher people in the name of Allah.
Sharon · F
@OnlyRhonda Haven't you heard of the Witch Hunts? I'd call them an example of christians suppressing the Old Religion. The current Islamic year is 1442 so we can say it's at roughly the same stage of development as christianity was in 1442. That was roughly the time of the Spanish Inquisition which killed between 3000 and 4000 people.
OnlyRhonda · 36-40, F
@Sharon I thought you meant early Christianity. From what I've read of the witch trials, they were less about Christianity and more about women getting other women into trouble. Some seemed to mix witchcraft with devil worship and the tales of some of the covens were scary. I doubt there was much of any old religion among the so-called witches though. The Inquisition - the counter to the reformed church, as you know - was devilishly nasty.
bowman81 · M
Here in the west the biggest threat to LGBTQ rights are myopic LGBTQ rights advocates who see everything as an assault on their rights and care little or nothing of the rights of others.
BJR66 · 31-35, M
@bowman81 exactly.
Paliglass · 41-45, F
The Bible originally said (and a Christian who studied theology told me this) "man shall not lie with a beast" In ancient times being gay was not an issue, the continuance of the human race was, people were told who to marry and expected to have children. No doubt there were Lesbian and gay love relationships. You only have to look at ancient Greek archeology to know this. Anyway King James changed it to "man shall not lie with another man" By this point population is higher, people have less need to breed and King James was a bit crazy. He changed "thou shall not suffer a murderer to live" to "thou shall not suffer a witch to live" so he could kill innocent people, mainly women. Those women were generally hung not burnt - another fantasy fed by Hollywood.

So in reality Christianity had no message regarding same sex issues. We're over populated so really we should be encouraging gay marriage all over the world.
OnlyRhonda · 36-40, F
@Paliglass Did King Jim say that? I thought he swung both ways himself. Perhaps the scholars who translated the texts to create the King Jimbo Bible said that (if its true) in an attempt to get at the Royal Bum.
This message was deleted by the author of the main post.
suzie1960 · 61-69, F
Sick Xtian propaganda deleted.

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