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I Do Not Support the Spread of Christianity

Christianity is just a means of controlling the sheeple. Those of us able and willing to think for ourselves aren't taken in by it.
Abrienda · 26-30, F
Really. You really think you are either being original or provocative?

You also show the hatred athesists have in their hearts. You must have a deep insecutiry and great emptiness inside you feel you must fill by convincing yourself you are morally and intellectually superior to hundreds of millions of people you have never met, and hundreds of thousands of writers you have never read.

Looking forward to reading your eqyally enlightend attack on Islam...or are you too afraid to do that and can only take the safe and cheap shot?
suzie1960 · 61-69, F
@hippyjoe1955 Same old, same old.
Sharon · F
@suzie1960 It's what they do when they're backed into a corner and have no logical response.
suzie1960 · 61-69, F
@Sharon I know. I love watching them tie themselves in knots and make fools of themselves. They're too stupid to understand what they're doing so keep coming back for more. All very entertaining. :)
thatscottishguy · 26-30, M
That's religion in general
suzie1960 · 61-69, F
@thatscottishguy I tend to agree but some are far worse than others.
AnonymousJSS · 22-25, F
We are also able to critique it dispassionately, we can understand it without believing it, we may also find it unnecessary to call attention to it when it doesn't warrant our attention ....:)
hippyjoe1955 · 61-69, M
Abrienda · 26-30, F
@suzie1960 Hahahaah! OMG! YOU say you know more about a religions than at least ONE BILLION people who are its followers and I am ARROGANT one?

YOU call 2 BILLION people sheep because they follow Christianity based on no reading you can cite and I am the INTOLERANT one?

You really are now a self-parody.

Keep telling yourself knowing more than others do about their religion and that when people (2 BILLION) don't agree with your profound outlook (ever read Chesterton, Johnson or Belloc, oh scholar of Christianity?)you may label them stupid animals (sheep) makes you MODEST and TOLERANT.

And keep telling yourself writing posts full of hatred for people you neither know or understand is a humane and worthwhile thing and makes you superior in every way to those billions of "sheeple" out there. You are certainly delusional enough to do so.

Good bye and good will need it.
suzie1960 · 61-69, F
@Abrienda Thank you for confirming what many people say about the arrogance, intolerance and sheer hatred displayed by many christians.

Now, goodbye and good riddance to you.
suzie1960 · 61-69, F
@Sharon Yes, I saw that. She's quite funny in her own pathetic little way.

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