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I Am Christian

Patricia McCullough Walston

TO: Joy Behar

SUBJECT: Christianity 101

Dear Joy: We all make mistakes and we often speak out of turn and say dumb and foolish things – mainly because we are ignorant about what we are talking about.

I have been a Christian for 67 years and I would like to share with you why your remarks about Vice President Pence was an offense to Christians everywhere. But because of the loving and forgiving spirits of same, we forgive you; but the rest you will have to take up with God.

First of all, Joy, you don’t have a clear understanding of just who God is and therefore, you cannot speak as an authority.

God is God! God is Jesus! God is the Holy Spirit! That is why He is called the Holy Trinity – three in one.

That is a hard concept for a lot of people to understand – but let me explain it in kindergarten terms…water in the natural form is liquid; freeze it and it is ice; boil it and it becomes steam – it is always evaporated and is carried back into the heavens to be repeated over and over again. God is the creator and sustainer of the world, God is Jesus in human form, and God is ever-present today among Christians as the Holy Spirit.

Jesus told His disciples that He would have to leave them for a while but He had to go in order for God the Holy Spirit to come to earth to minister to all who calls upon the name of God.

When we pray to God the Father, we pray in the name of Christ the Son. Why, because it was Christ the Son who gave His life to bridge the gap between a Holy God and sinful man; as a Holy God cannot look on sin. But God Jesus took on the persona of a human to live and die like we all must do.

Yes, Joy, there is a God. And yes, He speaks to us in many ways. But the most important way He speaks to us is through His Word. His Word was divinely written and preserved in order that we may know Who God is and how we are to live. I would love to send you a copy of my book, “Who Needs God Anyway?” But you can certainly order it for yourself at

This book will help you to better understand Who God is and Who He is NOT.

God speaks to us through nature, and through others, and through visions and inspirations and even in our thought processes. Praying is not a one-way street; it is a two-way conversation with God.

As Christians, it is right that we keep closed accounts with God by righteous living and through repentance and acknowledging our sin and asking both God and those we have offended that we might receive forgiveness for both.

Since I am 77 years old and do not travel, it would be impossible for me to be on your show, much as I would like too; but you may feel free to share this with your audience. I was offended; but even without your request, I forgive you just as Jesus said in His Last Words, “Father, forgive them for they know now what they do!”
TheProphet · M
Joy is a worthless cunt who isn't worth anything.

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