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The Hospital

So no Bible study notes from me today as unfortunately I couldn't make it due to a hospital appointment, nothing urgent, I'm not going that easily!

I am thankful for being an individual who only goes to a hospital on a very rare occasion.

Hospitals always carry an atmosphere to me- if we believe souls leave the body the way traditionally pictured, then the emergency sections of hospitals must contain a greater amount of souls leaving than other places. Will these souls get to heaven? Only if the person accepted Christ as their Saviour and that Christ is their only hope of eternal salvation.

And another part of the atmosphere for me- people who are high up in society- whether financially or otherwise- find their lives turned upside down and day crashing down when they discover they have a degenerative or terminal illness.

My wife is not so fortunate with hospitals- all those times with her brain aneurysm she had, the times she was in hospital with an undiagnosed blood pressure condition which took many trips to diagnose. And finally losing our unborn baby which never saw the world.

So my wife especially can tell us Christ is not just a character we read about in the NT- he is always with us through the suffering and good times- he is as real to her as friends or family are and he is God the Son!
Jarffff · 46-50
Condolences to you and your wife, i've read how in the past great men of God were stricken with multiple deaths in their families, those great preachers, how even on their own children's funerals they didn't take any time off, their rest and security was in the Lord surely.
@Jarffff I forgot the name of the man, but the Banner Of Truth recently did an article on a Scottish preacher who quite literally worked himself to an early grave!
Jarffff · 46-50
@BritishFailedAesthetic I can right well believe that!! People were of a strong stock in the olden days.
@Jarffff So, it can be concluded that The Banner reprinting their works is indeed a treasure!
TheWildEcho · 56-60, M
Our sermon last Sunday was about work. The one thing that stayed with me was the pastor saying if we work in a hospital, shop.or factory then that place becomes a temple because Gods presence is there through us!!

Interesting !
@TheWildEcho A great analogy from your pastor, I never thought of it that way!
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